MY09 & MY11 3Door Rear Lights - Part Number - Photos


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Hey guys. I know its an old tread, but want to ask is it possible to fit RHD rear lights to LHD car and make them work properly? Is there any way to reverse the fog and reverse light bulbs? Thanks in advance.


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YES , but you will need to get someone who has a good understanding off Vcd's , might be worth looking for a good retrofitter from site depending where you stay . Ie @Ash187, @NHN


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Will need to be rewired for it to work. It’s not done on coding on the older cars
Best way to do it is to change over the 2 pins on the central electrics module. That way your not running loads of wires at the back of the car. You just need to find out which pins they are


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Does anyone know whether tail light bulb carriers are interchangeable between pre-FL and FL tail lights? They seem very similar visually, the part numbers differ only in the beginning (8P0 for pre-FL vs 8P3 for MY09 and MY11 lights).