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My supercharged Nissan 350Z coupe


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Just joined this forum as I'm actually looking at getting into an Audi S3 hopefully in the not to distant future either by selling my Zed privately or doing some sort of swap/trade in with an S3 owner/garage.

Currently though I own a 2003 supercharged Nissan 350Z coupe running 436Bhp.

I had it supercharged with a Vortech SCi3 kit and have spent a lot on the upgrades for this car including everything necessary to safely run this sort of power.
It's honestly the best sounding car I've ever owned as the noise from the V6 engine combined with the supercharger & true dual s/s Invidia exhaust system is fantastic. :wub:



Hope you like all, ....comments welcome.


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I'm really looking at the 2006-2008 S3's which I believe are the 8P variant.
Ideally though I'd like a 2008 on wards with the updated headlights & taillights but I'm happy to be in any 2006 on wards car really.

Was going to look at one this weekend (a 2006 S3) but the dealer was scared off by my supercharged 350 so it looks like I'm going to have to sell it privately or find someone interested in a swap of some sort.

The Zed is a great car and very nice to drive but I just need something a little more practical nowadays. Definitely going to miss the Zed when it goes but that's why I want an S3 to replace it so that it softens the blow slightly as it is a fast car still with a great look/interior. :sunglasses:


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I'd forgotten about this thread, ..ha ha. Do miss my Zed.

Finally got an S3 though. Only took me 10 months. :D