My 'stock' T3/T4 S3


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Hi guys, been lurking this forum for a while and just wanted to share some details from my ride as I haven't seen much t3/t4 content... I am aware that there are better turbos on the market, but this set-up has given me a respectable 247kw (331bhp) & 437nm on a completely stock block.

Stock Block - 1.5bar daily driven :whistle2:
Ebay 50 Trim .48 A/R T3/T4
Top Mount Log Manifold
Turbosmart 38mm External Wastegate
RC 750cc Injectors
76mm Downpipe & 63mm Exhaust
Aquamist W/M Injection

In Daily Driver Mode:

In "Race" Mode:

Dyno sheet:


Overall, I'm quite happy with the feel of this car. My plans is to tackle suspension next, and then drop in some forged rods, upgraded clutch & perhaps a GT3076R. Keen to hear your comments and questions!


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Looks like a good setup and very OEM looking. That’s a lot of power and torque on a standard engine at the minute.


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Most people in the UK use hybrid k04’s for power around 330bhp as its a lot cheaper than putting larger turbos on for the same power, hence the lack of t3/4 conversions here. If people are going the whole hog of turbo conversions, it’s for larger frames.

That’s quite a lot of torque for the stock rods to deal with, it’s not something I did/ would want to risk myself. Having a larger turbo would probably help abit at that torque than something more spikey, but it is risky.

Really liking the engine bay, especially in race mode, very clean and tidy, good job :)


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The hybrid set-up was definitely something that I was considering, however since my manifold was cracked and my turbo was blown it made a lot more sense to go the BT route as these parts were a lot more accessible in South Africa than the hybrid route. Also the manifold allows for both a t3 & t4 exhaust housing so there’s a large amount of Turbo options available. The actual conversion took me a weekend and cost me much less than going hybrid.

To be honest I am a bit weary of the power levels myself, but the lag of the larger Turbo shifts the powerband a bit higher up which puts less strain on the motor. Additionally my tuner was able to get 21 degrees advanced with no Timing pull with a moderate EGT, which from my understanding is a healthy sign... nonetheless I’m probably playing the Rod lottery but so far it’s been very reliable.


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Nice install there!

Brave, but nicely done.

Ideal to drop on a 3076 when it's got rods, and ideally exhaust valves at the least too.


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The manifold is made by a local company here in SA, it's a cast manifold with a t3/t4 flange on the top and the flange for the wastegate below.

@Prawn, I'm planning on doing a full motor refresh later this year... I'm aiming for 450-500hp, so hoping the 76r will get me there.

In other news, managed to get my hands on a set of Bilstein B8s and decided to replace the CABs and added some polyurethane sway bar bushings. Still running standard springs, but the car definitely sits lower and all around feels a ton more solid. As a daily driver, I'm very happy with the drive and height.