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My sierra sappy Cosworth with 32.000 miles


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oh sweet lord look at that and wish i kept my 2wd one years back

LOL! 2wd is becoming very rare indeed best driving cosworth too IMO!


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Takes me back a few yrs.

Owned a Sapphire Cosworth with around 440bhp for several yrs,followed by a GpN Escort Cosworth for a few yrs after that.

Both were great cars,and totally reliable as well as great fun to drive,although the 2WD Sapphire was a bit too much fun on anything other than a dry road.


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I've never owned a Ford myself, my old man was a big Ford fan back in the 60's / 70's / 80's and owned Lotus Cortina, Capri Tickford, XR4x4, but never a Cossie.

The one thing that astonishes me about Ford fanatics is that they are one of the few motoring enthusiasts who dare carry a mirror and an undercar trolley as their cars are usually as spotless underneath as they are on top. I've never seen so much attention to detail!!!

Lovely car, and makes me wonder what happened to Ford after they canned the Escort Cossie and decided owners needed the blubbery soulless Mongdeo and the Scorpio in the mid to late 90's; dark days. At least they've bounced back a bit recently.


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I just sold a j plate 4X4 for 3500 last week with no Mot or tax and needing an engine rebuild with 124000 on it. had same owner for last 15 years.

Jimmy TDI

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You can't beat an old Ford, especially when it's as nice as this. I'm chomping at the bit to get my Mk2 XR2 back on the road, but funds and time are lacking at the moment.

Warren_S3 that's because you have to keep the rust at bay mate.


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Absolutely stunning,takes me back to me teens lol. Should be under a fur cover tucked away,like me bro's S1 turbo,300+bhp charge cooled,proper animal,but as with the 2wd cossie only likes dry roads,mopeds are quicker in the rain lol


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Thanks again Guys!!!!!!

It's so refreshing knowing that the good old Ford cosworth still demands a great crowd!



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ooft im in love big time!!!!
Had a black Sapphire 4x4 concourse many years ago, still miss it to this day should never have sold it but it just wasnt getting used. Lovely car youve got mate looks superb.


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Love cossies especially the sapphire models, would love to own one of these in the future. Your one is is a very good example and moonstone blue is defo one of my favourite colours! Plus it is nice to see that there are some Ford fans on here!


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Hats off, love it.

46 doctor46

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Oh my god wat a beauty I have had a couple of saphs and a three door miss it to bad may be one day I'll have another one the only car I have owned that makes u smile like a Cheshire cat all the while ur in that driving seat with the sound of that turbo chatter epic cars


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Love a cossie. Someone once said to me if you own one you have the right to walk down the street with your nuts hanging out lol