My S4 Widebody (Warning long post and lots of pics inside!!!)


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Sandip - haha yeah sorry i don't think this car will EVER be for sale!

geeman, cheers!

Right, just thought i would give you guys some more info on the plan for the car.

....onto the PLAN!

If you remember, grizz had for sale an imola Yellow Avant S4 that had already undergone the widebody treatment with OEM RS4 panels BUT it had no engine so required some work to get it running etc. It has pretty much been in storage for about 2 years. Well i bought it as it provided a good opportunity (read : excuse) to upgrade my current saloon. I have already done the widebody treatment so understood what work had already been done to the avant. I wouldn't have normally been in the market for another car, but as this had already been widebodied i thought it would be an ideal project car to sort out. i personally wouldn't widebody an avant as you might as well just buy an rs4 if you had the money, but this shell with all the relevant parts was at a very good price to ignore. Then i had a bigger idea....

I have all the bits needed to get this avant running installed in the saloon so i will be (well....Grizz and Lee at Unit 20 will be) transferring my engine to this car.

So that leaves my saloon widebody a non runner. Well the plan is to

a) Get engine
b) Get some turbos
c) Go BIG with power

Soooooo this thread will be in two parts really. the first part will mainly be updating on the avant build and then once thats up and running i will sort out the saloon.

Avant Setup Plan:

When i first saw it, the car was mainly in bits, but all the panels were there, mostly painted in imola, minus a bonnet. the interior had s4 recaros black leather and also an rs4 steering wheel, rs4 gearknob and handbrake etc.

As imola is a marmite colour and stands out a tad too much for my liking (it would be mecca for thieving scumbags and vandals etc in Liverpool!) i decided to get it fully reprayed in rs4 Black by Paint Express next door to Grizz who did the previous paint job on my saloon.

So i will be transplanting virtually everything from my saloon into it:

S4 engine with gearbox
Ko4 turbos
Big injectors ,airbox mod etc.
RS4 clutch and lightweight flywheel
APR bipipe
RS4 intercoolers
RS4 oil cooler
Full milltek RS4 exhaust
PSS9 Suspension
OZ Superleggera 3 19" wheels

Currently it runs at 436 bhp but i am sure it will need remapping once its in the avant so i am hoping to get viperbl on audisrs to map it.

the idea is to get both cars on the ramp to get it swapped over quite quickly so i can run the avant while my saloon is getting sorted.

Here are the pics of the Avant currently:

Colour of some of the parts originally




Car painted black so far











Yes i know its VERY dirty as its been in storage for ages but it will hopefully be a lot cleaner once all the panels have been done and put on the car.

Hopefully the rest of the doors ,boot, and bumpers will be done next week and then it should mainly be ready for all the relevant bits to be transplanted in to it.

The wing mirrors will be black, and i will be getting a slight tint done to the windows so it will be a very stealthy black machine i hope! it will also have my black wheels with polished lip on it so hopefully it will match well.

I was in two minds on whether to get the roof rails put back on, but as it might actually be used as a luggage loader then they would be useful so they are staying.

I will also be transferring my Hi-tech RS4 recaros into it as well.

The idea is that it will be a comfortable daily driver, yet have a bit of ooooomph to it when i want it to go. The big power will be in the saloon.

S4 widebody saloon PLAN:

Right...... i am hoping to go for around 700+bhp on this one and to get this the plan so far is to go for some Tial 770's. Tial are getting a good rep over in the states and seem to be gaining it over here now as well. I was toying with the idea to go for RS6 turbos, but these have come out which i have taken a fancy to. To help with the lower spool time and torque i will be going along the 3L route. Jack from satanschild racing will be doing most of the engine work, and if anyone has seen his monster drag s4 you will know the engine is in good hands!

So far, grizz has hopefully located an RS4 donor engine (it has done around 70,000 miles) which we will mainly only be using the bottom end and rs4 inlet manifold, oh and all the gubbins that comes with the engine, and the gearbox. the rest of the engine thats not used we will sell on hopefully.

List of mods planned:

RS4 engine 3.0L conversion with strengthened rods etc
2.4 heads ported and polished
Lower compression, phenolic spacers
Tial 770 Turbos
RS4 gearbox
Uprated clutch
Uprated Exhaust manifold
3" downpipes with twin RS4 pipes one box exhaust
Wagner Sidemount intercoolers


Meth kit?
Brakes - prob B7 RS4 or other?
Suspension - prob PSS9's
Upgrade Front seats?
Extra fuel pump/ upgrade fuel lines etc?

Car has already got Hotchkiss ARBs and a bosch 044 fuel pump.

I am sure i have forgotten something in that list as its quite basic, but you get the idea.

Hoping to get over 700bhp once its all done.

This is all in the planning stages so far so any advice on it all is greatly appreciated! This will all be taking quite some time so i will hopefully be able update as much as i can. This is VERY much a project in progress so sorry if it takes a long time to get right.

I plan the avant to be a daily comfortable runner, with the saloon 700 mainly weekend fast road / track car. i will not be stripping it down to be a true lightweight track car like grizz has done with his RS4, as it will also be used as a 'normal' car. Also there is no point as i put in a sunroof last time!

Hopefully i will be able to get some more avant pics up next week. Grizz has some pics of the original conversion somewhere which i will put up if anyones interested?

Well thanks for reading all that! Hope its an interesting read for you all, and hope to have some good ideas for anything i have missed, and also some advice!

Cheers guys, and thanks again to everyone for all your help etc!



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Dam this all sound like a wicked project.


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very nice. didn't realise it had been painted yellow from its original silver.
your going to have too many toys to play with!