My S3 with new RS4 brakes...


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Sorry to bring this thread up again, did you have to recode your car?

I was just reading through the tex, and it seems like brake upgrades could use a vag-com recode. Uwe from ross-tech is chiming in, so I reckon it's something pretty important.

I dont know much about car electronics, but since ABS and ESP were mentioned, I'd like to keep them working well and in order.

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nope no re code and the abs and esp works well, but they are Audi brakes so that might make a difference?


andy, slightly off topic but where did you get the 19" mtm's?? just having a quick look online & wondering if i need to waste some money on a set!!

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Oli. off here is selling some - have a look in the classifieds.
Think they are on ebay also... nice alloys!

S3 Big Andy

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oli's would be a great buy, the main dealer is QsTunning from Haywards Heath in Sussex