My S3 future build

Hi guys, been doing a lot of research and read through a lot of threads. This is the setup I'm thinking of doing within the next 6 months.

I've got a 2003 S3 BAM

Listed items -

Wellycooler - Toyosport Type B
3" DP and 200 CEL SportsCat - Pipeworx
Powerflex dog mouth
Badger5 3" TIP and Jetex Cone Filter with heatshield
Milltek 2.75" non Res CatBack
and then obviously getting it remapped by Bill and the team @badger5

I'm not looking to change the rods, turbo or do any work to the head at this stage, that'll be something i'll look into in the next couple of years.

Does this setup sound about right for stage 2? I'm hoping for around the 280bhp mark. And would it be beneficial to change the injectors to genesis 550cc at this stage at all?


Oh and is Paul still around making those bigger rear brakes kits?


Standard injectors are fine.
Might want to consider a new intank fuel pump though


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He said intank fuel pump and what I think he is getting at is the one in your car is 12 years old and probably getting a bit tired. It is common for them to not be able to pump enough fuel for tuned cars at this age


Is Paul still making those bigger rear brake kits too? Did PM him the other day, but instantly comes back with a automated reply.
Paul hasn't been active in a long while I don't think.