My Revo Stage2+ S3 has a new clutch...


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Well lads,

I'll try and keep this as short as possible.

I recently had Revo Stage 2+ and a decatted downpipe fitted to my early 2007 build week S3.

I was extremely impressed with the power and torque gains, espcially given that I was making about 8kw and 30nm more in the middle of the South African summer, easily beating my previous best dyno figures which were made during the frost of winter last year.

We all know a drop of 20 degrees celcius in ambient temps will yield much better power - so I'm eagerly awaiting the onset of the SA winter !

Alas - my clutch started slipping almost immediately after this upgrade.

(For info - she made 208kw and 425nm at the wheels - with nearly 30 degree celcius summer ambient temps outside on dishwater - being 95 unleaded pumpgas - the best SA has to offer at our pumps).

So I eventually did some research on this forum and the Leon Cupra forums and found a couple of links pointing to audi's clutch and/or flywheels potentially being defective in certain instances, with regards to oil seal leaks or warping.

After some diplomatic talking, Audi agreed the clutch on my car (it's only done 14,000km) was probably not up to scratch - so a replacement kit was ordered.

The car went in this week for 3 days for a full clutch, pressure plate and flywheel replacement.

The day before I was supposed to pick her up, the technical manager at the dealership phoned to tell me he was somewhat confused.

My chassis number and parts ordering info had seen a SACHS dual mass flywheel arrive at the dealership, but the flywheel they took off my car was made by LUK.

The tech's wanted to fit another LUK instead of the SACHS and phoned Audi SA parts to confirm if there was a mistake...

I told him that most people over in the UK were, at their own expense, upgrading to SACHS clutches on highly modded S3's with great results. I told him my theory, being that audi has changed OEM suppliers and that LUK has been replaced by SACHS.

Indeed this turned out to be true after he followed up. Apparently the heat rating on the SACHS flywheel is far superior to the LUK part. Hence he believes Audi AG has changed the part on their systems.

So it would seem that early S3's had the misfortune of getting the LUK variety.

All I can say is well done guys - the new clutch and SACHS flywheel are superb. No slipping. Easy taking. Car puts the power down instantly now - with zero slippage under heavy load in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th.

Honestly - it feels like a new car.

I'm chuffed !

Hope that helps anyone else experiencing similar problems. :rock:


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well done mate...:thumbsup: good write up so i take it you had all this done unde warranty?


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100% right.

I did provide them with all my "research" from the forums and the technical manager took the car for 2 test drives and agreed the clutch was no good. He also said that it should easily manage a chip, intake and exhaust decat, and actually loved the feel of the car with the modifications.

Also based on the fact that its a daily driver and does not get taken to drag strips for anything that would ever be considered "abuse" - I was totally honest with him and based on the low mileage he knew the clutch was probably a dud from the get go.

His exact words were " This is how the S3 should have come from the factory. I would love to drive it every day. "

Total warranty bill came to about 1,500 pounds sterling, that included a new set of front discs and pads which they replaced on their own accord due to bad squeaking.


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Good write up and a nice bit of knowledge thrown into the pot! Glad your dealer looked after you so well, if only all writeups on main dealers were as posative!


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so is this new sachs clutch just a warranty campaign/replacement or is it a new factory standard? would my MY09 have the sachs?

the power you're getting is immense, what reading do you get at the flywheel now?
i wish you were in cape town so you could take me for a spin


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I had my fair shair of clutch slip yesterday! Car slipped in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear...this was at our VWClub Go kart track event. I still managed to win my car class:rockwoot:Seems like I will have to get her booked in to have the clutch replaced though as yesterday it really proved to be a problem. Thnaks for the write up as well as all the lovely and insightful telephone calls....SLIPNAAI!


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What links did you print out showing the investigations?

2 or 3 from this forum and the SeatCupra forum. Unfortunately didn't save the links but a general search for "slipping clutch" and "sachs clutch" did the trick.

Rabbit - it appears you too are unLUKy...

So from my perspective - if your clutch feels far too feather light (stock or modded) and slips under load, plus it's an early to mid 2007 build, then you're not in LUK. However, it appears they have to take the flywheel out to see which model you have.


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so is this new sachs clutch just a warranty campaign/replacement or is it a new factory standard? would my MY09 have the sachs?

the power you're getting is immense, what reading do you get at the flywheel now?
i wish you were in cape town so you could take me for a spin

99% certain you have the Sachs OEM part in your car.


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Dude - I'd rather not and here's why:

I'd be afraid if everyone simply went to them and said "I want the Sachs clutch. I think I have a LUK and it's not up to scratch".

To be honest - my clutch never ever felt right from the day I picked it up from the dealer. It always felt waaaaaay toooooo light. Like a feather. And you could not always feel it "take". Something was not happy. Modding only made it more prominent.

Somehow I feel justice has been served and the dealer decided to take care of it based on proper evidence.

Audi themselves would probably get wind of ppl flocking to said dealer for replacement clutches and start to question why, even if the dealer has nothing but the customer's best intentions at heart. That's what big corporates do. I've experienced it first hand.

And said dealer will be hauled over the coals for putting us first. And bobs your uncle - time to find a new dealer and establish a relationship from scratch.

But I'm sure Mooloo can let you in on it if you PM him...