My Return to Audi


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Well after 6 years away from the Audi Brand, I’ve returned….. Some may remember my Audi S4 which I spent most of my life savings on, well it seemed that way at the time.

But after 6 years driving C63 AMG’s which I totally loved, I decided it was time to buy my “Forever Car” one which I’d yearned after since they first arrived on our roads, the R8 V10.

She's a very late 2011 model and I’ve spent the last week getting in up to my standards and thoroughly checking everything, she only has 28k miles from new and now I’m looking forward to driving it.

Pics to follow very shortly….. Yes I go a bit further than most when cleaning a car, some say I have OCD, I think i'm just a car enthusiast, have and have been all my life.


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