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My Orions


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Featured in July's FastFord





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Cool, I had a white 2litre back in the day ....very nice indeed, interesting turbo conversion.


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Good work mate, washed my dad's Ford today too and with the same sort of pressure washer too haha! Orion still looks awesome!


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I'll grab a pic of the old one where it's melted Later...

All modified/ replaced again
Hopefully this'll do the trick ( fingers crossed )

Take another new bonnet release cable still currently available from the main dealers for just under £25 quid

Some high temperature heat proof sleeving 4mm first


I slit it down the middle and placed it over the area I'm having issues with

Taped each end up

And then wrapped in tin foil, a lot of

I then placed some more high temperature heat proof sleeve over this, this time I used 12mm


All fitted

Finally I've refitted the other heat protective sleeving over the top

Bonnet release works so time will tell if it cures its addiction for bonnet release cables, I do hope so...


Its weird but there is something both timeless yet dated about the "old onion" and I really like it the more I see of it......lets call it it "80's Retro Chic" and thats no bad thing at all.


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Washed, polished, sealed the Orion over Friday/ Saturday so it was all nice and clean for the Cars & Coffee Meet this morning

A few of it clean

A quick pic taken at the Cheshire Cars & Coffee meet this morning @ Manley Mere



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A few from the other weekend @ Oulton Park Gold Cup... just to keep the thread up to date

that's another show season almost gone... time to sorn end of the month
Retroford Magazine feature due soon, will update when I know it's due out


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Nice to see that this Orion is still about and looking sharp as always. Definitely one of my favourite modified Orions. Need to get back into a Ford at some point, because there is nothing quite like it!


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Just because its not a RS, doesn't mean I can't buy nos genuine parts does it...

Purchase number 1... 1x Nos NS Carello headlight with original box - cheap aswell, just £35 plus postage

No problem just need the other side... not available from Ford... I checked with our local parts guy
Even got our Orion Register Ford parts guy on it... but his computer said no
Me being anti FB just said if you see owt let me know
A week ago getting late on he text me a link to one just put on eBay
A week of watching

And this evening

Purchase number 2... 1x Nos OS Carello headlight with original box - errrrrm, I needed it/ wanted it lol

Slight issue is seller won't post... but after a couple of texts to Orion Register members in that area and collection and postage is in hand...

Rob Avant

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Love a good Onion. I had a diamond white 1988 1.6i Ghia, one of my all time favourite cars. Unfortunately I didn’t have the talent to drive properly back then and smashed it into a wall. Went to the later 1992 1.8i Ghia Si afterwards, was a terrible car, nowhere near as good as the MK2. Brings back some good memories!


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I think that the only good bit about the next version of the Orion was the rear wiper, looked a bit silly but is I had not defected from my 1988 Ghia Injection to a VX Cav GSI 4X4 2000 16V, I might have found out if that was a handy extra feature. Ford lost their way a bit then!