My new TQS project, bargain?


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Hi all, brand new to the forum.
I recently to my shock won and bought a 2000 audi a4 1.8 tqs, Ive had my eye on one of these for a while and having owned a 1.8 t sport and a 2.4 30v before i have a little bit of experience.
any way before i get to the price, a bit about the car,
140k miles, no mot ( pretty much) and 1 month tax, it is salsa pearl LZ8M which i believe is a special order colour and other than that i believe usual spec audi service history upto 113k and every mot in existance haha.
I drove it 90 miles home from durham, the car didnt miss a beat and used just under 1 quater of a tank. oil and coolant temp, perfect. Not a knock or play to be found in the suspension, no blowing exhaust, gearbox is tight yet like silk and clutch bites exactly where it should.
for this i paid a grand total of
250 pounds,
I couldnt believe it.
so now to the cons, and on the surface it appears to be all of them. It has an abs fault, as soon as you turn the car on, all bells and whistles, 3 beeps, so i believe this is the abs modulator ( opinions welcomed ). it has a rusty rear driver side arch, and the wheels are corroded, and maybe im being picky but in 1st gear ( only) boost seems to hesitate until 3500 rpm. but it could just be me.
Other than that it needs a damn good buff and clean and the cambelt is pretty much due.
I plan to rectify all these faults and have a really tidy tqs, which i hope to insure.
But the question to experienced owners bearing all in mind, have i got a good basis for a cheap restoration project for the summer at 250 pounds?????

i have 2 really poor photos off of ebay as im back at uni for the week and the baby is at home ill post after this.

hope you guys can offer your opinions and maybe a bit of help on the abs modulator ( cheapest place for a second hand A or E ?)

cheers, Jay.


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WOW that was a bargain!! And I thought I did well to get mine for under a grand lol

Looks and sounds like its got loads of potential, well done bud


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cheers, that guide does look quite useful, ill definitely try that before sourcing another unit