My new S1 Sportback


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Everything you guys said was true .... and then some! The S1 is a spectacular car. I collected my Vegas Yellow S1 Sportback from Hamilton Audi, outside Glasgow, on Friday and am absolutely delighted with the car. I travelled home on the A93 / A939 Old Military Road (Blairgowrie - Braemar - Tomintoul - Grantown on Spey - Nairn) and you would think the road was built especially for the S1 - agile, responsive, loads of torque and a very pleasing, but not intrusive, exhaust note and induction roar. If the Forum ever plans a Scottish roadtrip, the A93 / A939 should be top of the list.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover a 1:43 diecast model of a Vegas Yellow S1 Sportback with wrapped tailgate in the glove box, left there by the Dealership Manager whom I know quite well. From the Dealership, it was straight to TLC Detailing in Stirling to get the lower tailgate wrapped in black. Amazing the difference a small piece of vinyl can make!

What a car!



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Lovely motor and some cracking weather for your first few days of ownership to boot!

I am from Fife so would be up for a little road trip blast!


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Congrats....the car looks great. Health to enjoy!