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hi all. Just moved from the a4 section. I had an a4 Quattro dynamic 2.0 tfsi. Traded in last week for a 2012 2.0 tdi Quattro sline Q3. Beautiful wee SUV. Got a couple of niggling issue that have taken the shine off but should get fixed. The wheels feel like they are wobbling during acceleration and generally at speed. Not like a miss aligned wheel wobble, but more of a dodgy trolley castor type wobble. May just be in my mind but I feel something. The other issue is purely down to a very badly fitted tow bar wiring loom. It basically isn't wired correctly and I get a permanent 'check tow bracket' warning. It's going back for both to be looked at oh and the isofix point covers are missing off the rear seats. Simple stuff but it's annoying and detracting from another wise nice car. Anything I should be aware of?