My new D3 Audi A8!

The Doc

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Well 2004 model... but here is my D3 Audi A8 4.2 Quattro.

It is absolutely loaded with every extra on it as well as twin screens fitted in the rear with twin Playstations 2. It is the Sport model so has the 20" wheels and sports suspension.

Mods I want to do:
- Facelift Grille S8
- Brembo Brakes or RS6 Kit
- Remap (Any ideas?)

Goes in next week to CLS Dual Fuel in Durham for BRC LPG conversion.




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Mouth watering dude let us know how the changes go


£17500...!! Bargain aint the word. As good as stealing.


Beer God
That cars waaaay too small.... NOT!

Shame it hasnt got (well doesnt look like it has) parking sensors...

Otherwise looks amazing, did you get a petrol station thrown in as part of the deal?


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Very, very nice. Where's that 'jealous' emoticon gone...

The Doc

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Has got parking sensors front and rear ;)

Now completely covered to LPG and has been for 10000 miles. Running beautifully :)


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Beautiful motor mate, absolutely stunning.

As for the Remap, I could do you a Custom remap. But think your a little way away from me.

Gains on this are not massive, but throttle response is improved and much smoother through the mid range.

Gains are about 20-25hp and 35-40nm torque.

Cheers, Mark


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What differences do you get with the fuel conversion then ?

The Doc

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Cheers guys, no loss of power with the LPG at all. 260-300 miles on £28 LPG so can't complain.

If anyone is interested the car is now for sale - Check out Pistonheads :)

Cracking car, just fancy a change. Fancy a new shape S8 now they are such a good motor.