my new car...

aprilia dude

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hi peeps............ i just bought an a3 sline..... 3 door.... misano red.... dsg box.....bose stereo.... bi xenons...and im lovin it........!!:kissmyrings:






Ash B

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Sounds very nice
You know where you wrote your comment?
Well you see above you have pictures its the third one from the left you have to upload them on to a site like photo bucket and take the direct link and copy and paste it in there and should come up.
Hope thats helps

Ashley :)


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As above just get a photobucket account. It even gives you an 'IMG' route to copy and paste for each photo to save messing about.

Car sounds brilliant mate...Congrats.

EDIT... And welcome to the forum, i see you're from Chester, i've had some good nights out up there!!


Drive it like its hot!
Sounds like a lovely car, similar to what I am looking for GIT!

But :sign_pics:


Drive it like its hot!
where is the best place to get a sat nav unit reasonably cheap.........:think:
Nice car mate!

This Q has been asked before recently, think this is the thread -

You have a non-facelift car so it's slightly more complex than out with the old in with the new as you have to replace the centre console with the double DIN one. There are companies around that will do this for you but it all adds up then.. Good Luck