My new car


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wel - I've been posting a lot of questions, always wanted an audi (I just LOVE the interiours :hubbahubba:), was looking into the s3, but I couldn't afford the gas since I travel too much.......

Then other possibilities came into play,, blah, blah, c klass, bmw diesel, passat, eos....


I wanted something already in customs so I wouldn't have to wait for 3 months, and it should be arriving in a week, its been about a week so far...

Its :

- a TDI
- 170 HP
- brilliant black
- ambition - sports seats, wheel, blah blah
- s line package (interiour and exteriour - but I thin the exteriour is missing the front little spolier....since they speced the car for the showroom and they thought this would look the best)
- I just love the seats - with the s line logo
- Audi exclusive optik package black (the front grill)
- rear s line roof spoiler
- arm rest
- xenons
- rear windows tinted
- concert sound system - sounds pretty good, an pioneer active subwoffer is waiting to be installed, I might get the dvd later from kenwood or sometinng but this looks too pretty to tamper with just yet :) - I know it has mp3 function, but I dunno if it can play mp3s from a dvd - doubt it
- automatic climate control
- 17'' wheels, 225/45 - yep yep I know should be bigger, but they'll look good for a start

I'm so happy I could cry!:blownose: Great to be a part of this forum!:wub:


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I test dorve a 170 tdi A4 and it goes like CRAZY :wtf:, plus I was very pleasantly suprised by the engine sound inside the car - a very sportys sound (for a diesel :applaus:)


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brilliant black, black optics and tinted rear windows ... this is as "ganster" as you can get. Nice one!


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mcmasman said:
brilliant black, black optics and tinted rear windows ... this is as "ganster" as you can get. Nice one!

Did not see the obligatory voilin case with machine gun on the options list though? Wonder if that is a dealer fit? :hi:


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Thanks Mcm :)

No stevec, I pack my own gear with me, but you get a extra big special trunk for all the weapons :rockwoot:


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Sounds very very nice.....get some pics up when you can..