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My new Audi A3 Sportback 2015

Wing Lun Jun 12, 2018

  1. Wing Lun

    Wing Lun A3 Sportback Team Monsoon Sportback TDi

    Hi all, I'm new here and I've purchased my Audi A3 two weeks ago. One happy owner but unfortnately the previous owner did not look after the car and left a few damages which happily the car company repaired it the best they could. Looks clean on the photo below, when actually it was not, but I'm glad it was sunny that day ha!

    I've already been browsing through this forum for suggestions and ideas and so far so good. Since this is not the S-Line trim level, any ideas for mods that is aesthetically appealing? The car already has optional extras such as: Comfort package, roof rails, electric door mirrors, and vanity mirrors.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. Jcbmally

    Jcbmally Started with nothing & still have most of it left. Team Daytona Sportback Audi S3 quattro S tronic

    Welcome fella, use the "search" button on this forum and I'm sure you will find some tasteful modification that have been done.
  4. Wing Lun

    Wing Lun A3 Sportback Team Monsoon Sportback TDi

    Thank you :thumbs up:
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  5. kalniel

    kalniel Active Member

    Depends very much on your own tastes. For me, one of the distinctions between S-line and the basic/sport trims is the sharpness of the look. If you want to emulate that sharpness then splitter, side skirts diffuser and rear spoiler are probably needed. If you want to embrace the softness of the current trim then I'd go for alloys and headlight changes first.
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  6. randy4

    randy4 Active Member Team Nogaro Blue Audi S3 Black Edition

    Looks nice

    I’d start with wheels and lowering springs to enhance the look. Maybe some gloss black 19s or if you want to keep it OEM pick some S or RS alloys.

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