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My new A4 Allroad has arrived

france71 Dec 13, 2017

  1. france71

    france71 Active Member

    So after a long wait, or so it seemed, of 8 weeks the new car has arrived.

    My two daughters and I went for a quick look and play. They were as excited and wanted to push and pull everything. Having been overwhelmed with the options we just admired things and took some photos.

    Hoping the registering is done soon and then we can drive it away.

    Car is a 2.0TFSi

    Spec different to the UK but it is the premium version,

    options, sports seats, alcantara/leather, folding tow bar, privacy/acoustic glass, B O Sound system, Hill hold assist, upgraded 18 alloys, winter tyres on 5 spoke twin alloys (not shown), electronic seats both sides with memory, convenience locks, flat bottom steering wheel, virtual cockpit, matrix headlamps/headlamp wash, driving assistance pack tour, comfort dynamic suspension, dynamic steering, rear airbags, extended additional interior lighting pack, Audi 5 ring door lights, advanced parking system, 3 year audi connect (standard), headrests that adjust laterally, ..... I may have forgotten some of the options I have added or are in addition to UK spec..

    Some photos attached of excited young new owners...

    new allroad 2.jpg new allroad 3.jpg

    new allroad 1.jpg
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  3. spartacus 68

    spartacus 68 Active Member Team Ibis Audi A2 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    Enjoy. Tide is turning on diesels (personally love the low down torque) but petrol seems to be the way to go. Matrix headlights should be good as should the B&O system, although to be fair the standard Audi setup is pretty good.
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  4. MarkWizard

    MarkWizard Active Member VCDS Map User

    Welcome France71 - hope you and your daughters enjoy your new car!
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