My new A3 Sportback being built end June, ready July, should I wait to September?


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Mar 14, 2011
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Just been notified that my A3 (in METEOR GREY!!!!) will be ready earlier than I had thought. Is waiting for the new registration in September a good idea, value wise? I am not in a hurry for it...and had thought that I would sell my tt roadster in the spring (will be advertising easter time or sooner) and wait... patiently.
convertibles generally fetch more money leading up to summer than they do leading up to autumn.

in regards to the numberplate issue, with a new model looming i doubt it'll make much of a difference - the hit in depreciation from the model change is likely to dwarf that of it being on a slightly later plate.
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Thank you sub29h, so when do you think I should put it in the autotrader? Not that many in at the moment. I thought if it went in end April or too early?
hmm it's a tough call. as much as you wanna get the timing right, you don't want to put it in when there's LOADS to choose from
I want a TTR badly and i'm male, is that wrong?!

I think you should get your TTR sold asap as its a good time now. Also a dealer told me the value is only really affected in the march reg as thats the one with the obvious year designation "11"