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Facelift My new 2019 S3 Sportback

oxford_ara_S3 Jun 14, 2019

  1. oxford_ara_S3

    oxford_ara_S3 New Member

    Hi everyone

    I'm new to posting on here although have always given the A3/S3 section casual attention. I'm not anywhere near as knowledgable as some of you so I'm hoping to learn a lot.

    About a month ago I sold my 2015 A3 Sportback 2.0tdi and picked up a new 2019 S3... yes it has the GPF on it and it's far quieter than I had hoped.
    It does still pop and bang on downshifts in dynamic, however I have only done 400 miles and normally take it easy for the first 1000 in a new car so haven't let it loose fully yet. Sadly there is very little noise on the DSG upshift however there are bigger problems in life!

    Has anyone fitted the VAGSport resonator delete to a 2019 GPF car? I'd be interested to know what your thoughts are and if anyone has a sound clip of it?

    Look forward to peoples input and any criticism/advice is always welcome!


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  3. AlS3BE

    AlS3BE Well-Known Member

    You got the s3 in the best colour:icon thumright:
    I might be a bit biased though.
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  4. V6_Man

    V6_Man Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team Glacier Supercharged TFSI Owners Group Team V6 VCDS Map User Team Scuba Audi S4 Audi A3 Black Edition quattro

    Welcome to ASN David and congrats on the purchase. I'll have to agree with @AlS3BE , it is a cracking colour you've got here. Good choice mate .

    You are correct in that the FL S and RS are quiter than the PFLs. Audi have now started fitting the effin OPF due to WLTP. It might 'open up' a bit after a few thousand miles but only just a bit. FLs will never sound the same as the PFLs did on the stock setup.

    I am sure others will suggest if any mods have helped make these cars sound a bit more sporty.
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  5. Mark_86

    Mark_86 Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S3 Black Edition quattro DSG

    Very very nice! Looks awesome mate - we need more pictures and info of what spec you've got on it :) Welcome to ASN!
  6. AudiLeon96

    AudiLeon96 Active Member

    Beautiful S3 mate. If i were in your position, I would consider buying a pre GPF s3 exhaust second hand. They can often be quite reasonably priced as more and more people opt for aftermarket exhaust systems. The reason I say this is because it'll improve sound whilst staying completely oem, no chopping or welding etc.

    If you do have your heart set on a res delete then have a look at the RPM Performance anti-drone pipe. A few people with other res delete solutions have complained about drone at 65mph+ iirc whereas RPM Performance suggests the only drone from their res delete is at 80mph in 6th gear (at which point in a dsg you'd just change up to 7th :friendly wink:). I've attached a screenshot for you in case you want to explore other avenues. Screenshot_20190615-092406_eBay.jpg
  7. AddB

    AddB New Member

    I’ve got the VAG sport delete on my 19 plate S3. It’s an absolute game changer, it completely transforms the sound of the exhaust. Definite must have....
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  8. musicegbdf

    musicegbdf Well-Known Member Team Daytona Audi S3

    Hi , and welcome to the forum .
    Yes love the colour . I have a 2015 PFL and at about 15k it really came into its sweet spot coming up to four years old in October with 23k on the clock . Still loving it and still looks like new ( glad I had it pro detailed from the showroom).
    I have the 5 year Audi warranty , but considering keeping it beyond that .
    It is a shame that the FL had changes I am not impressed with .
    Anyway again congrats on a beautiful car !
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  9. Mr Freeze

    Mr Freeze Active Member

    Congrats and welcome to the forum

    Your car is the same as mine :yes:
    Totally get where you are coming from with the sound its very muted mine is also a 19 plate
    with the dreaded GPF filter and i'am considering a res delete .

    Get some more pics up :icon thumright:
  10. oxford_ara_S3

    oxford_ara_S3 New Member

    Thanks for the welcome guys. Had Audis for 10 years now but this is my first 'proper' Audi.

    @Tashfeen yes it's a shame Audi haven't compensated for the reduction in sound as it's part and parcel of having a car like this!

    @Mark_86 I'll update my spec, sadly it's not the spec I would have liked as most cars are limited availability at the moment. This was a built car that was already in the UK... saying that the standard spec is still good. My only gripe is a car that costs nearly £40k doesn't have folding mirrors!!!!

    @AudiLeon96 it's a good idea to look at PFL OEM systems, I might look into that a bit more. I don't do many motorway miles so exhaust drone wouldn't effect me to badly if I did go for a res delete.

    @AddB have you got any sound clips pal? Does it change the DSG noise at all or is it just mostly on lift off?

    @Mr Freeze I'll get more pics when I have detailed it :) Let me know if you go for a res delete and what you think of it!
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  11. mve7

    mve7 Member

    Hallo, my s3 is one week old and I'm really loving it!!! great car! And yea the sound is less :'( but I will get a res delete in 2 weeks. If you want I can send you some soundclips when its done. And great spec bro! I went for a full black one. Its just a great daily car.

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  13. quattrorally

    quattrorally Active Member


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