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My first B6 project.

B6BuildIreland Oct 3, 2018

  1. B6BuildIreland

    B6BuildIreland New Member

    Hey I'm new to this forum and Audi but have had an interest in getting one for awhile now. So I finally took the plunge and bought a 2002 B6 1.9tdi. It already had a full vortex kit and been resprayed last year. The car seems to be well minded all its life so I decided it would be a good start since the price was decent too. Now the only issues I have with it is there is over 200k miles on the clock and I suspect there is an engine or gearbox mount gone because when accelerating the gear knob moves back sightly. Also I suspect something is wrong with the breaks because I get a squeeking from the front break area when breaks are heated up. I know the car needs tracking, alinement and balancing so maybe this has something to do with that. I also get a kinda rough nose coming from the discs when coming to a stop. Thinking maybe a disc problem? Other than them small things everything else seams perfect. The plans I have for her is to add FMI, bigger injectors and turbo, upgrade breaks, Then have it mapped.
    She is only the 100bhp version so I am missing the power I used to have in my old car (Type R civic) I need something more fuel efficient but still something that looks good so this Audi really caught my eye. I have been looking through the forum and found lots of useful information so I wanted to join and share my experience with these great cars. I am open to any ideas or suggestions from anyone. Thanks

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