My engine just dropped off its mount :(


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Just driving around town about an hour or so ago and all of a sudden, big bang, lots of horrible noises. Open the bonnet and my engine is about 4 inches closer to the road on the drivers side!!

Its fallen of one of the mounts and is pokeing through the bottom of the car.

Absoloutlly devo.




Split Grill!
Mine did this, twice. Have you had the timing belt done recently by any chance?

Cambelt & water pump about 2 months ago.

How did this happen then?
What damage has it done?

Jonny 2.0T

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I had the same problem, had my cambelt replaced around 6weeks ago driving fine then went over a pothole and bang goes the engine, Turns out that the garage did NOT securley fit my mounts back on, so after a few weeks of driving it slowly came away, thankfully they accepted it was there fault and replaced the cambelt again (just incase) free ov charge, and there was no other damage to the engine, engine mounts do not just come away so check with your garage first fella
Iv had this on an old vw, they didn't secured uniting bolts properly, a couple fell out and the other one snapped in the block, luckily could wind it out with our finger tips and repair it.