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My e-tron is finally ready! - Trade-in conundrum

mckjerral Jun 23, 2015

  1. mckjerral

    mckjerral Member

    So after nearly 7 months of waiting my car is in the UK and making it's way to Preston Audi for me to pick up.
    When I initially ordered I had a trade in agreed for my 57 A4 of £2000, which at the time was pretty low for the age/mileage, but I was assured that if I sold it privately then it wouldn't change anything I'd just need to put that extra £2k towards my purchase.

    So the conundrum, my e-tron was due in March, and is now likely to come in July, when I come to upgrade in a few years I'm expecting that to adversely affect me to the tune of £1-2k as I'll be trying to shift one of the last 15s at the time 65s will be hitting 3 years.

    Is it worth me pressing the dealership to increase what they're giving me on trade in to compensate me for that difference? Am I likely to have any success?

    Or should I just push on with selling mine, which may leave me with an overlap with both cars?
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  3. hmy7k

    hmy7k Active Member Team Floret Silver Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    Why is a late 15 plate worth less than an early 15 plate, I don't understand your logic and I doubt the dealer will either.

    You could always wait until the 65 plate in September.
  4. mckjerral

    mckjerral Member

    Because it is, the age of a car is judged on it's plate date, not it's registration date, so a late 15 could be seen as being upto 6 months older than it is.
    I couldn't have waited until 65 without cancelling my order. I've just decided not to trade in and sell my own. I'm now in proud possession of my e-tron.

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