My broken S4


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As some of you know, i bought an S4 a few weeks ago that developed a problem on the way home where it wouldn't rev over 5k. I booked it in to my local specialist to have it looked at which took me 2 weeks and as i was driving it down there i had issues with the car occassionally not going in to gear.

I let the guy know and he had a look at it last week and diagnosed the rev problem as the MAF and said he'd look at the gearbox this week.

I've just got off the phone and the long and the short of it is that my new toy that i have driven twice needs a new gear selector rod and while they're at it they've advised to put a new clutch and flywheel in as well.



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well one way of looking at it is atleast it'll be all sorted.

my car has the issue of always having something wrong with it, as soon as everything is fixed, something else goes wrong.

this week it is cv boots have split, next one i'm sure is going to be clutch.


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Ouch! When are you gonna get the work done? How much is all that gonna cost?


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It's in there now with the gearbox apart.

Gonna be about £1500.00 :ohmy:

As Macca says though, at least it will be sorted and i'm gonna get it remapped ASAP as well sot the clutch and flywheel probably are a good idea.

I'm just gutted cos the thing has only had a couple of owners and has a full main dealer Audi history which by the look of it doesn't really count for a lot. If somethings gonna let go, it's gonna let go!

And i've only driven it home and to the garage. :sob:


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OH MAN that sucks but at least it will be all good when you get it back, and you can drive it a couple more times before another thing breaks !! ;)


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Nightmare, whilst you're getting bits done I'd have the lambdas checked along with all the other 'usual' problem areas.

I bought my S4 around 6months ago with only 63k on the clock... nothings gone wrong with her but as I intended to keep her I've done a load of work and still spent a lot of money:
Genuine front suspension arms
new track rod ends
uprated snub mount
drivetrain stabilisor
coolant temp sensor
Cat back exhaust
Revo stg1
Forge DVs
New throttle body boot
4 wheel alignment

And after spending a small fortune and her still only having 67k odd on the clock I've got a company car and have to sell her! Hopefully it won't be a waste of money and the next owner will benefit from all the work I've done.