My Belated Build Thread 2

Hi All,

Let me introduce myself, I’m Ash. I’m usually on the 8L thread side of things. Currently being built by Badger5 is my S3 8L (Stroker G30-770) go check it out whenever you have a few mins spare, a lot has been documented on the build and the car since my ownership, link to that build thread is in my signature.

Now that’s out the way, I’ve bought an A3 3.2 Quattro Sport (S-Line) DSG and I’m loving it, granted it deffo needs a turbo on it which this car is destined to at some point, but it’s a very smooth motor and the noise is addictive!

Got the car for an absolute steal, unreal service history and very high spec. That said…. I’ve already started to make some OEM+ changes.


One of the first things I wanted to do was change the wheels, they were heavy curved and scuffed from the previous owners, after a few hours of research I settled on a set of S4 B8 19” peelers wrapped in 235/35/R19 Uniroyal Rainsport 5 tyres, perfect set up of in honest. With the ET43 offset and being lowered 25mm from the stock ride height on s-line suspension they sit perfectly and absolutely no rubbing so far!



The other thing I desperately wanted to change was the exhaust, so this car came with the Votex bodykit fitted by Audi from new, however the only thing they failed to do was change the exhaust….. so it left it looking like this.



Again another couple hours research led to me to a thread on here where someone fitted an S3 catback system, the difference is night and day! Managed to grab one today for a bargain and it’s honest brand new! Couldn’t believe my luck really…..





The only thing is it’s not quite lined up central… I’ve looked and changed all the mounts to allow it to be as close as possible, this is something I shall revisit at some point.

There will be a few other things I’ll be changing over the next couple weeks but they are all subtle OEM+ changes….. so stay tuned



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Nicely done changes Ash, keep them coming !! :thumbs up:
Nice start :) out of interest where does the small piece of rubber pipe connect? Is is valved?

Hi bud, yeah my system is valved. So I just connected it up where it was before to the vacuum chamber, booster, motor what ever the thing is. I’ll be doing a flapper valve delete mod shortly and show it all in more detail.

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Thanks for the reply. That's interesting, I have a 3.2 V6 TT MK2, and the exhaust is not valved. Doe you know where it connects to on the engine? Definitely interested in the mod, and would be good if you could get lots of photos while you are there :)
Thanks for the reply. That's interesting, I have a 3.2 V6 TT MK2, and the exhaust is not valved. Doe you know where it connects to on the engine? Definitely interested in the mod, and would be good if you could get lots of photos while you are there :)

I don’t know actually, it’s something I may look into if I get time. Work out where it gets it’s vacuum from. I do know that apparently when you put the car into “S” sport mode on the DSG this apparently changes the exhaust to be open throughout the rev range.

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Morning folks…..

So couple things I did yesterday, the exhaust valve “delete” mod and changing my space saver to an 19” as the rolling radius has changed slightly because of now running my S4 19” peelers.


As you look under the car on the passenger side at the rear dumper you’ll see this, this is the vacuum “pump/motor” above that is where you have a small hose that goes to your valve on the exhaust.

As you see here, now from my understanding the valve is closed while in “D” mode all the way up until around 3500rpm then it opens. So by carrying out this mod you have the valve open all the time.

These are the things you’ll need -
Snips to cut the pipe cleanly.
A 5mm aluminium shelf peg.
Heat shrink.
Lighter / mini blow torch.

Simply cut the hose and plug it with your 5mm shelf peg, slide over the heat shrink and plug the other end of the hose.

Then use your lighter/mini blow torch and done. Nice, tidy and clean “OEM” looking which won’t raise any eyebrows, plus you can easily revert back to how it was if you wanted to.


It has made a difference to the lower rpm sound but it’s not dramatic. Obviously changing the exhaust for an S3 catback made a bigger difference.

Now onto the space saver……

After many an hour researching a suitable space saver which had the following things to meet -
57.1mm centre bore
Genuine Audi
ET less than 22.5 (if your running larger callipers as I intend to in the future)

I came up with this

This is a genuine Audi Q2 19” space saver part number - 8S0601027A

This is it next to the original 18” space saver. Best part is that it fits snuggly in the boot wheel well perfectly.

Next weekend I’ll be changing some of the interior trim and potentially the steering wheel for an A5 MFSW with paddles. Just need to source a stage 1 airbag from either a Q3 or A3 8V this is the same thing I did with my S3 8L.

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So I couldn’t help myself…. Had an hour to ponder around so thought I’d start getting some of the interior trim changes done.

First off was the pre-facelift DSG shifter, just made the interior very dated. I had bought this lovely lot to put into the car.

This consists of a set of 4 TTS brushed stainless steel vents, an A5 MSFW with paddles, I won’t be fitting this until I’ve found an airbag as mentioned in my thread above.

A carbon fibre ashtray and facelift shifter.

I’ll get getting the door card trims either carbon fibre skinned or hydro dipped at a later stage.

Anyways I went about removing the old “piano black” which has turned purple trim.






This was all fairly easy to do, gave it all a really good clean and then Started putting the carbon fibre trim in.


Really pleased how it’s come out. Made a big difference to the interior and then I went about fitting the TTS vents which was a piece of cake.




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Looking well mate. 2 builds on the go not sure I could deal that that stress lol.

I’m doing it to keep me occupied haha, I can’t sit down and do nothing I get very twitchy this is a very small project to start with, just tidying up the car. Couple years time this will end up being a built R30 G42-1200 DQ500 me thinks

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Ha yeah that sounds about right. They always start out small with a few mods and the nxt you know ur 5-10k into it.

Haha and the rest mate! You can easily double that if not triple.

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