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My Audi/MMI Connect

GPS3-1 Oct 12, 2018

  1. GPS3-1

    GPS3-1 New Member

    Hi, Firstly, I am sorry if this has been covered before! It is trying me mad.

    I've recently bought a 18 plate. The Audi connect is setup on the car, so I can see all local info/weather etc. I believe this is driven off a built in SIM card?

    I have downloaded both the myAudi and MMI connect app. What I get from the MMI connect app is:

    - No connection to vehicle possible

    - Initiate connection to MMI in the myAudi app

    This means I am unable to get any info on the car i.e. mpg, oil level, remotely locking etc. Am I missing something!? I have called Audi they have no idea!

    I have tried it in the car sill the same.

    If I try to connect to the Wi-Fi on the car it redirects me to setup or register a SIM card. My understanding is that I don't require an additional SIM to us thecar status report etc. Is this correct?

    I am using an iPhone.
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  3. RichardT

    RichardT Well-Known Member Team Brill Red saloon Audi A3

    There was a thread on this in this forum earlier this week. Quite a lot of dialogue and feedback.
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  4. Ormesome

    Ormesome Well-Known Member TDi quattro S tronic S-line owners group Quantum Grey Q2 owners group

    These 2 links will answer all your questions. I was in the same boat as you around a week ago and aswked exactly the same questions! Going from an A3 with nothing to a Q2 with VC and tech pack. Still disappointed by the app connectivity but whatever. All I need is the ability to send a destination to my car via the app which is easy. Take some time to read these 2 links then post back with questions but you shouldn't have any.


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