MY Audi A4 1.8T S-Line becoming a moneypit!!!

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Bought my car last year in may on 78K with a full MOT its and 2004 reg BEX engine.

After purchase it went in for coil pack recall with audi free of charge. I thought result. Then for my own piece of mind as I couldn't find it in the history I did the cambelt and water pump change at 80K cost £450, front discs & pads £120

Then discovered the last pig tail on the coil springs one front and one rear, replaced the with H&R lowering Springs 30mm, tie rod ends got also replaced £350, then window regulator broke £60, then did a rear discs & pads and oil service £160.

Then my Power Steering rack broke, £700, then down pipe flexi exhaust replacement £100 the rear cooland flange and rocker cover gaskets £150

And know its come up to the MOT and its failed on Upper Suspension bushes and Control Arm bushes, plus a dicky airbag sensor in the seat with a quote given of £510

This car has cost me nearly £2700 within in a year!!!!!! WTF!!!

Majority of it I guess it wear and tear I understand that, but I've pretty much touched every major component on the car!!! Its on 95K now. Someone please tell me that I'm not going to expect another huge bill soon???

The only thing left on it that will go in a while is the clutch.

on a side not my previous 1998 Audi A4 I did 50K miles in it and I only spent £500 in maintenance only!!!

What do you think, time to get rid or keep considering the money spent????

Thanks in advance

One seriously Peed off Audi A4 owner


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unlucky mate. i have the same car and i hate it! don't know why people love these engines so much. lucky for me the previous owners forked up a lot of money to have a lot of the big jobs fixed. i'm moving away from audi now. my second Audi that drives amazing when it works. but when it goes wrong.... you better have deep pockets.


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I have the same car and owned it nearly 10 yrs now and haven't had that much wrong with it. Ok I've had the odd thing go but it sounds like maybe ur just getting them all at once as I've replaced some of what you have mentioned over the years.Who does the work out of interest, is it a Audi dealer?

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Hi WelshQuattro, well I'm have the work done at a Audi Indy Specialist. I don't mind wear and tear to occur, but you are right in the sense they are all happening at once. Probably poor maintenance from previous owners. Mainly I noticed is that its rubber components that failing, gaskets, pipes, seals etc... I just hope I get over this hill and then its trouble free for a while. Don't mind me keeping up maintenance but at least it spread out a little. I'm getting the Suspension arms put in now, decided to go for a decent set. Fingers crossed that after all this is all good for at least a year minimum. Anything in between and it bye bye. But I got to say the car runs great!!

WelshQuattro what parts have you had replaced?


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Well so far apart from services and normal stuff like discs and pad and so on which is Expected I've had
Rear coolant flange x2
Rocker cover gasket
Thermostat x2
Coolant sensor
Front driveshaft joint
Down pipe flexi joint
Different vent pipes and non return valve
DV x2
Dipstick tube
Fan switch
Complete exhaust (miltek)
Rear ARB( upgrade to RS4 as it was coming off anyway)
Front lower arms
Tie rod ends
Front and rear drop links
Window regulator x2
Window switch
Rear wiper motor
Air con compressor
Air con receiver dryer
And just had to change the front wiper mechanism as it had seized solid
It's had a new engine fitted by Audi at 90k after they messed up a cambelt change and had the front wings replaced free aswell.
I have a feeling the front arms will need doing on mine at some point so will get a complete set and do the lot.
I may have forgotten something but that over 10 yrs. I guess people forget the b6 is getting on now being built 12-15yrs ago.


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I'd say it's just bad luck.
Had a few 1.8t engines and never had major issues.
Its just a case of regular maintenance and replacing things when you should, not when they break.
Personally I only buy cars with huge folders of history to ensure it won't bite me in the ***.
From looking at what you've replaced the only things I'd be concerned with would be oil pick up pipe and possibly the clutch/flywheel....mine was done around 85k.
Out of interest was the thermostat replaced with the cambelt?
From my experience they don't last much longer than 5years so I always replace them when doing the cambelt.


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+1 , replace pick up pipe regardless and 6 month oil changes with a larger oil filter if poss .

Bad luck all come at once really , a B7 wouldn't be an advancement in reliability.


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Who's that too wastegate and Gaz?

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The thermostat did not get changed during cambelt change. yes I think the clutch is will be due soon, not major slips yet!.

As regards to the pick up pipe change how much does normally cost?