My a6 on a5,s.


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Title says it all really,had the car 6 months now and after getting a few things sorted mechanically,its really starting to come together.
Its a 1999 audi a6 4.2 quattro.
In the 6 months i have owned it i have replaced......
New timing belt kit,including all tensioners and idlers.
Replaced drivers side window motor
Replaced rear wiper motor
Tailgate number plate surround (cracked)
Replaced front brakes with genuine audi discs and pads
Replaced the exhaust with a custom built cat back stainless steel system.
Replaced the alloys with genuine audi a5 19x8.5 with 255/35/19 tyres.
Plus like any other proud owner spent numerous hours polishing it,with silver being a hard colour i have eventually managed to get a shine on it,i dont think it have ever been polished.
So heres a few pics of how it stands now,hope u all like
How i bought it


How it stands now





What do u guys think?
Cheers jay.


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Cheers,wasnt sure what wheels to go for,as i didnt want to get the 7.5j as they dont look wide enough as on some wide body a6,s so plumped for the 19x8.5 from the audi a5 as they were the width i was looking for.
Managed to also take a wee sound recording of the custom exhaust.


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Have thought about the whole colour coding and removing the mudflaps,maybe to the colour coding but gonna leave the mudflaps on,at least they will help protect the car.


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The new wheels do look really great.
Did you get the tyres with them or purchased separately?
Curious to know the load index rating if they came off A5?



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Looks good, although I do agree about getting it colour coded. I got my last A4 colour coded and it transformed it. I would leave the mudflaps on though, I don't have them and the car just gets covered with muck up the cills and bumpers.


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The car looks good, wheels suit it, but as said before get it colour coded, I now have technics100s A4 and its looks like a different car with the black plastic all coded to the rest of the car