My A6 Allroad biturbo


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So, time to join the biturbo club!

I’m in the process of importing A6 C7 Allroad biturbo from Germany. Should have the car within the next two weeks.

Couple of pics from the ”for sale” ad attached.

The car’s loaded with options. Couple of small things missing, but I’ll have those retrofit. Also car is currently on 18” winter tyres - something more sexy for next summer

Anyway, it’s 09/2015 first reg. with 49k kilometers on the clock. And I believe the color is Cambridge green? It’s a shade of green from the Audi exclusive selection.







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So picked up the car last friday. Done around 200 miles with it since then, both city & highway.

We’ve actually had snow and ice the whole time, it’s been the perfect quattro weather

So far, if I need to say one thing about the car, it’s unbelievably comfortable! With the powerline it’s so effortless to drive and it’s also really quiet.

Hands down the most comfortable car I’ve ever owned or driven.


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So have had the car for little over a month now. Absolutely love it!

Had some things done to it already. First thing had a fixer go through it and polish out the small scratches & then a proper ceramic coating. Also had the rear sides & rear window tinted.

Had the nox-sensor fail on me, but that was fixed under warranty.

Here’s a couple of quick shots.