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My A6 1.8T

HNH5 Feb 1, 2006

  1. HNH5

    HNH5 Member

    Hi everyone. I've just bought my first Audi - a 1998 A6 1.8T and so far i'm very impressed. There are 1 or 2 minor problems that require fixing/attention so any help would be great.
    1st - I can't open the cup holder in the rear seat
    2nd - the passenger side rear elec window can't be operated from the drivers control but works fine from it's own
    3rd - the radio flap that covers the head unit doesn't always work
    4th - the drivers elec window was failing to close after it had been opened fully. I've had to disconnect it at present as I couldn't get it shut.
    5th - the information computer on the dash is sometimes only half visable then sometimes it's fine??

    Like I say these aren't major issues but are bugging me never the less.
    Any help???
  2. I'd guess that you need a new elec window control unit on the drivers side.

    On the computer do you mean the top half of the display. If it is then it could be a loose connection from the radio.
  3. Jason

    Jason Member

    Faulty button connection or it's knacked!

    Our rear goblet holder's worked fine until the kids wrecked them!!

    Try lubricating radio flap

    All VAG have the electric window problem,It's either your motor rusted up inside or and the felt guides gripping the window (more apparent when they are wet) which operates the anti child with head/finger in window opening doo dar!!

    First take inside door panel off and blast a load of silicon lubricant into all tracks grooves etc and if that does'nt work buy a new motor from vag (£200) or take your motor in bits clean with emery re-grease and put it all back together again!

    Computer screen on dash another common problem only solution is too change and they cost a fortune!!
  4. HNH5

    HNH5 Member

    Thanks everyone, this should keep me busy over the weekend.

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