My A4 has gone for a drive... Modified 2.0TDi 170 Quattro


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Some of you may remember me as the bloke with the grey A4, RS6 grill, 19" Kahns, tints and more LEDs than you can throw a stick at. I'm also renowned for illegal numberplates and a few BRD engine problems.

These have included 2 failed injectors, flywheel, clutch, oil pump balance shaft and more recently a failed turbo - which took out the head gasket and another injector.

Im delighted to say that she's all fixed and running as well as she's ever run.....but unfortunately is no longer in my hands. I just got to scared to drive her, for fear she'd die on the roadside for the 5th time in nearly 5 years of ownership.

Put simply she was the best and worst car I've ever owned.

If you too have a 2.0TDi 170 BRD and it's knocking on the door of 100,000 miles, I'd seriously consider giving Auto Trader a call...

In the mean time I'm pleased to say that I will be attending AITP with my good friend quattrojames, so I might just see some of you then (",)



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That's a shame, sounds like a very nice car. But also sounds like you didn't have much fun over the course of the 5 years. Did you put many miles on the car? Also what year?

Nice to also see somebody fairly local, I'm just in Brigg and also own a 170 BRD but only at 32k on the clock. It's had the injectors replaced on recall but fearing the dreaded oil warning light at some point in the future.


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Good luck Rich....hope to catch you back on the Forum again soon with a new project. Hope you enjoy AITP.

All the Best

Ash B

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Long time no speak rich! Hope all is well. Glad the car sorted and running back to normal :) Hoping to attend AITP if my tyres get here in time

V6 Quatt

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All the best....flaming audis 170 bhp seemed a nice choice of power when they first launched ??

Hope see you at the event


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What year was yours?????


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Rich, thanks for the pm mate, real shame, but the fear factor has gone lol, anyways hope to se you at AITP