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My A4 B6 Show Project

Mike__R May 9, 2016

  1. Mike__R

    Mike__R New Member

    Thought it was about time to post a thread on my progress, car is due out the paint shop with a new colour in next couple of days..

    Denim blue pearl B6 with Rieger kit and standard suspension

    After a while the rear was changed for an ABT and lowered on eibach sportlines


    Then i fitted a UAS system with eibach shocks and manual management..

    IMG_20141120_235218.jpg 20141115_103528.jpg

    Imported some shorty D cups to house the rear bags (could have made these really...)

    IMG_20141120_234631.jpg IMG_20141120_234903.jpg

    Paddle switches were put in the ash tray (have never seen this done before) i know why now as it was a nightmare! And single din swapped out for dual to house the viair gauges..

    IMG_20141120_235525.jpg IMG_20141210_211313.jpg 20150109_151845.jpg

    I had some bad luck with a faulty front bag and gauge leaking internally, Air Technic were amazing and sent me replacement parts straight out - I highly recommend them and their customer service and communication i will not hesitate to purchase all my components from them.


    After all my efforts the rieger bumper still wasnt sitting on the floor (excuse rusty wings at this point)


    So then had 2.25 inch chopped off the eiback shocks. At the same time i solved the problem of getting the front bag sitting central to the shock shaft. This was done be chamfering the lower bracket to match the lower perch (which i had already modified to clear the swagelock fitting). Then a top hat style teflon spacer pressed into the top bracket.

    IMG_20141128_173343.jpg 20141211_184753.jpg 20141211_185310.jpg

    This was how the car was sitting after the chop.


    20150124_153508.jpg 20150109_150523.jpg 20150109_150512.jpg

    Once this was complete i took it to a 4 wheel alignment centre do get the measurements from the system. Was starting to get inner wear on the rear as my normal ride hight (this is quite low by the way) They werent keen on adjusting suspension toe especially with my manual management so i just took the print out ant said ill do it myself!

    Out came the axel stands, tape measure and string and would you believe it i got near enough the exact same measurements as the digital system. Then came the tedious process of adjusting the rear toe to reduce my tyre wear. After an afternoon of adjustments and re-measuring i was happy id corrected as best i could. This was last spring by the way and has been ok ever since... Camber was matched both sides but im not running agressive camber as this is my daily driver.

    20150318_164714.jpg 20150318_171302.jpg 20150318_171236.jpg

    Then was time to change the rusty wings! luckily i found some the same colour, along with a matching bonnet from a similar aged car

    These were fitted and rolled ready for some new wheels.


    I picked up some staggered 3sdms at a price i couldn't resist this made sense as i couldnt decide on 3 piece wheels at the time.

    I ran with the nankang Ns2 last summer 215/40 on the 8.5s and 225/40 on the 9.5s, i was quite impressed and never had any issues.I then used them all winter on my other wheels and still a bit of life left in them..

    20150606_101113.jpg 20150606_103823.jpg 20150606_114122.jpg 20150511_160129.jpg

    Few shots of the car how it was last summer, better check this posts before going any further...

    20150803_171049.jpg 20150803_171036.jpg 20150803_170918.jpg 20150803_170944.jpg

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  3. Mike__R

    Mike__R New Member

    As i seal yet more parts with CQuartz DLUX can i just say how impressed i am with this stuff, i did my wheels last year in/out and in the autumn when removed all the grime just wiped off leaving them looking like new.

    Last summer i eventually found the sportec bumper and skirts iv been looking at for years, correct me if im wrong but i believe this will be the only one in europe? Dont think anyone else is foolish enough to ship them over at the extortionate cost with shipping and import!


    With it taking months to get here there just wasnt enough time last year to get it fitted, i got bored so refurbished my winter wheels ready to take the 3sdms off the car.

    20151008_063314.jpg 20151008_234105.jpg 20151011_193050.jpg

    As time permitted i turned to the interior, I have a cream interior but with the hideous beige/brown dash and upper door trims. Swapped out the dash/steering wheel etc and I thought id be different with the door cards by making some black & cream ones.


    Old VS New


    Then a couple of months ago thought it best to change all 4 doors due to rust appearing in obvious places, at this point i was just going to have the car the same colour and yet again found some good replacement parts the same colour, however due to age there was various dents and scrapes. 20160321_122950.jpg 20160321_123009.jpg

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  4. Mike__R

    Mike__R New Member

    Trial fit of the bumper and plate holder

    20160414_200821.jpg 20160414_200836.jpg
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  5. Mike__R

    Mike__R New Member

    Week before last was spent in the bodyshop stripping down and getting everything to fit how i wanted..

    20160422_173608.jpg 20160422_143425.jpg
  6. Mike__R

    Mike__R New Member

    While being painted have been tying up a few loose ends
    IMG_20160501_184610.jpg IMG_20160502_170625.jpg 20160508_135640.jpg 20160506_010416.jpg 20160506_131436.jpg

    Gonna try the feddy 595s in 35 profile this year

  7. DrStrange

    DrStrange Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing. Good hard graft!
  8. Welshquattro

    Welshquattro Active Member Team Mauritius Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    Ive always liked the Rieger front bumper but the sportec one does look good. Some hard work gone into that and will look great when finished. Well done
  9. sumo

    sumo Active Member

    Nice work my friend very enjoyable read,cant wait for the final chapter.
    Wish I had some spare cash for mine now!
  10. Mike__R

    Mike__R New Member

    Thanks for the comments - much appreciated. It has been a lot of hard work but feels rewarding as done most of it myself. Few pics from earlier in the week as it came out the spray booth.

    Now in Sepang blue pearl - So glad i decided on the colour change!

    received_1237002412985270.jpeg received_1237002419651936.jpeg received_1237002382985273.jpeg

    Then after a full flat n polish


    Popped in the bodyshop yesterday to see how other parts were progressing and they all had basecoat..


    Then after receiving a message with all parts ready i couldnt wait to go and progress. They had kindly hung the doors for me knowing i was on early shift, then i managed to fit door handles and most of the rear end. Just getting home as i write this!


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  11. THQuattro

    THQuattro Site Sponsor Site Sponsor Team Avus Silver Team V8 Team V6 VCDS Map User Gold Supporter Team Panther Team Silver Audi RS4 Audi S4 saloon Audi A4 quattro Audi Cabriolet Owner Group S-line owners group Manual

    Great work mate.
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  13. Stanningtonglen

    Stanningtonglen Active Member TFSI Owners Group Audi A4 quattro S-line owners group

    Great work mate, looking forward to seeing it finished
    Did you just roll the lip or have you rolled the arches out to ??
  14. Izzy1

    Izzy1 Vorsprung Durch Technik

    love the new colour.
  15. Mike__R

    Mike__R New Member

    Thanks im in live with the colour too, much better than the denim blue.

    Another day at the bodyshop and all frames fitted and few other bits... got issues with the the drivers door lower trim rubbing and had to shave some off and waiting for a repaint. Why do five minute jobs seem to take hours haha!

    I just rolled the lip back as far as the liners would allow. This worked fine with the genuine wings that were fully painted, but with these patent wings one of them didn't take to it too kindly and slightly distorted where than tab is. Good job this was pre-paint and rectified accordingly.
  16. Mike__R

    Mike__R New Member

    Now 99% complete just need a new drivers door lower trim... very happy!

    Big thanks to everyone involved
    20160513_182807.jpg 20160513_182721.jpg 20160513_182355.jpg 20160513_182436.jpg 20160513_174827.jpg
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  17. D9n dk

    D9n dk Dan Klang Team Akoya Audi A4 S-line owners group

    love the new colour bud, looks like your committed to it, whats next on the cards?
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  18. winterrB6

    winterrB6 Active Member

    I know this is an old thread but just interested in seeing more! Is this car still about?
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  19. Nollywood

    Nollywood B7 420-R Avant Team Dakota Team V8 Audi RS6 Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro Manual

    Yeah, old but golden.

    It takes a brave (foolish?) person to weld a fully charged suspension damper. I have seen a bonnet strut ram explode from heat, and that’s not nearly as pressurised as a damper.

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