my A4 avant quattro

Any more info - second hand or new ?
Anything else needed to all work?


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Wow. Didn't know Pat was selling up but it looks like it's getting the Jake treatment already. Keep up the good work !


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Hi mate, good job on the car so far.

Out of interest, how much is the car lowered by?


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Well small update as not been on for a while,

Sold the speedlines, back to the dtm wheels,

The cars had a full service, and a new bush up front on the engine,

Tomorrow I'm spring cleaning,

Wash, clay bar and full on rotary action, followed by a couple coats of wax,


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back to the dtm's , yep good call:icon thumright:, they are a pig to clean but do look good in my opinion, they make the special eds , well special if you get my drift.:cool:;)
any more pics as it is now.