My A3 went into limp mode last night, help?


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On my way home last night my A3 2.0TDI went into limp mode. I put the car under load in 3rd gear and when it reached appx 3k revs all power was lost and drove really slow. I got to a set of traffic lights, turned car off, waited 10 seconds and re-started it and all was back to normal. Anyway, having read thru various forums im being lead to beleave that now I should have a fault logged that can now be viewed by diagnostics. Ive also read that it can be few different things from leaking pipes to sticking vanes on the turbo. I have nothced the past few months the turbo whistles a bit more in lower gears, and maybe the car does feel a little slower, but nothing too drastic. My car has covered 51000 miles, its a 140bhp mapped by custom code stage 2 and has a green panel filter and Milltek turbo back exhaust. Theres no plooms of smoke from the car. Im thinking of getting the turbo vanes cleaned by getting one of them turbo cleaning kits. Anyone else have any suggestions?

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First thing to do is get it scanned and take it from there, I would hazard a guess that it probably was an over boost - but a scan will confirm.



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Sounds like the FAMOUS sticking vanes, when this happens the module puts the car into limp mode to prevent over boosting and possibility of damage eles where.
I have heard of several people tackling this with a solution but cant remember its name. I was tried a different way of soaking the waste gate rod in diesel which lasted for about 6 months and then the problem re appered.


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thanks Motionlee. Is it the Innotec cleaning kit? Im pretty sure its the vanes sticking. The car doesnt seem to have its hard agressive pull like it used to, so im thinking that the turbo is clogged to hell!