My A3 so far


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Hi peeps thought i would let you no what a great time i am having with my audi a3 1.8T or should i say not having
it all started with i trip to willingbrough i handed a man £1400 for my a3 i got half hour down the road and it would not boost after a while and the gears were acting a little bit like a teenage boy so i call the AA and get it towed home the next day i got the car to my mates shop for to salt her out as i have now thought she mite need a bit of TLC lol well my good friend done the following for me
Full gold service inc
oil , oil fillter, air fillter spark plugs fluid levels
replace a pipe to the turbo
selector shaft to remote knckle
n/s gearbox seal
front brake disc's x2
front brake pad's
rear brake disc's x2
rear brake pad's
weld exhaust middle section
4 x wheel balance
4 wheel laser alignment
solus service re-set
for the great price of £600
i got in her yesterday and she was driving like brand new was so happy to have her up and running but when i parked up at my auntys house then come back she was nearly dieing when i tryed to pull off
she had one gear and it was 3rd yep a diffrent part of the arm or what ever it is called had snap to do with the gears so i had to drive there in 3rd i jst hope i have some clutch still on her as i live in london and there is a lot of stopping and starting and trying to pull off in 3rd gear is hard work well they are fitting the new part tomorrow so shold have her back on the road and keep her there

i all so have somthing to ask i got her up to about 70 or 80 and she run a bit ruff for a couple of sec maybe even just one but then she was ok i am guess where she has not been driving for awhile she just needs a good run in


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did you not test drive before purchase?


The Clar!! it mouves!!!
unless he's had the gearbox off for that little service i think £600 is extremely expensive for what you have had done.....

hope you get it sorted soon :)


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finesse yea it was ok for like the first 30 mins then she just started to fall aprt lol i am hoping this is the last of my troubles with her


Smell my finger.
I'd be quite ****** off.


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how were the gearbox seals serviced/replaced?