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My A3 Review(short)

deolanp Aug 18, 2014

  1. deolanp

    deolanp Member

    So..Finally after 6months my A3 1.8 SB Stronic has arrived.IT was a torturous wait ,and all my excitement (which I Held on to up till the 5th month) started to turn into frustration.
    Just to note,all that went out the window when I saw them take the cover off that very-out-there misano red SB.

    Haven't been on the forums in while since the car arrived :p so now that I have had time to play with it and can feel the novelty phase slowly(very slowly ) slipping.....I thought Id leave my 2cents opinion on a few things.

    Iv always had to move over to the next lane when those bm'z come flying behind you.....but not with this A3.So far iv left most cars in the dust...its a good feeling: sure il meet someone who's going to destroy me soon..but today is not that day :)

    Its a fun car in my opinion,lots of modes and features to fidget with and customize.

    Things i really enjoy doing...driving on Efficiency to work...feeling the hold back in power and then whenever i get a clean stretch..one movement into Sport and whooosh!Very Exciting feeling ,while feeling that DSG Box do its thing.

    Other things iv noticed-
    -B&O-Freaken excellent!Definitely a Wow factor to any friends.
    -First time iv got a car with a telephone function-Im just surprisingly impressed by this feature and the quality of the call is actually pretty good.
    -Everything is great..I dont have the Tech pack which is my only regret...Im just happy iv had not one issue with album art...once you tick Extra detail setting they display beautifully.
    -One last thing i can think of now is the very nice feeling of having that imaginary siren effect.....as i drive i can sense the intimidation of the driver in the front of me as they look at their review mirrors afraid to directly stare at the xenon eyebrow lights which have that 'get out of my way' look.

    Im happy :)

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  2. The Challinor

    The Challinor Well-Known Member Audi S3

    Nice mini review, love the description of the headlights lol

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