My A3 quattro track car


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Hi guy's! A Norwegian here trying to build a cheap but effective track car and looking for tips and information.

Bought the car cheap for 10k Nok since the MOT was due in 2015 and the car has been parked for the last two years.
It's a 2000 model 1,8 turbo quattro with AQA engine and a 02M gearbox (i think) imported from Japan!

Not pretty in any way and that makes it a perfect track car both for winter and summer season.


This is my starting point:

First a good high pressure wash;


Practicing on my Japanese :)

Started on the strip down. First job was to remove all electrical DEFA and the A/C.

It got some sort of aftermarket exhaust. Nice sound but looks terrible.

With all pieced off I gave it a good wash and searched for rust and damages.


I had a spare set of R32 MK4 springs and shocks that I would like to use for this as a winter setup.
Blasted and paintet them black to past the MOT. Did the same for the brakes while I was at it.
Also got donated some parts from a friend of mine who's got an S3. Replaced the rear swaybar for the S3 one.
And back to stock headlights. Only missing the turn signals.

After a couple of hours the car was driveable again.



Gave it a good clean and i'm now waiting for some parts off ebay before the MOT inspection and getting the plates back on it.

For the winter setup I will drive on some 16" ice tyres and use a blue haldex controller.

Some plans I have for the car.
Strip out the interior. Roll cage and bucket seats.
Clean up electrical wires. Move the ECU in under the dash? Move battery to the rear. Have a cable from a BMW that I think should do the trick?
Raise the gear shifter. Mount the shift tower on top or weld a new bracket for it. Any good tips?
Remove as much weight as possible.
Have a KW var1 coilover set in the garage that I will use for summer season. Together with some camber plates and powerflex bushes.
Engine wise I will get the remap first (if it's not done yet).
I also have a new block with new rods on hand. Since this is a budget build might get my hands on a cheap k04 turbo kit.
External oil cooler and power steering fluid cooler is needed.

Since it's yellow I would like to get some black decals to give it a track car look and trying to sort some fender flairs as well.
Found my way to this community to get ideas and tips on what to do (and not) and hope you can lead me in the right direction :)


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An update two weeks before first track day.


Searched through my part storage and found some bits to install


R32 brakes front and rear.
KW var 1 coilovers
R32 streering rack
Wire loom from BMW to relocate battery to the rear.
And some other small bits.

Should I use a fuse when moving the battery to the rear?


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Rear brakes fitted

Exhaust needed some attention. After welding I painted it with heat pain just to stop it from rusting.


Having MOT next week and after that i'll start on the rest of modifications needed before trackdays.


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Car has passed its MOT and I'm finally able to do some more modifications.

Mounted coilovers, R32 brakes and a set of OZ wheels with Michelin Cup tires.


Started to strip out the interiour as well, so far the rear and bits in the dashboard.

Also bought a part car with a K04 upgrade engine kit and FMIC but stock injectors.
I'll get the engine out before deciding on what to do with it, but my toughs are to change the rods and try and get over 300bhp before swapping it with the AQA engine that's in my car already.


Would like to use the facelift headlights from this as well, do anyone have a guide for the wireloom?


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First track weekend done! Car worked pefectly with no issues what so ever.
Did a lot of fighting with a S3 and my brake upgrade gave me a huge benefit round after round.
We did 20min heats and I never lost brakes, but after a few heats the S3 brakes started to fade a bit.



Used a set of OZ Superleggera 17x8 ET 35 with Toyo R888 tires this weekend,

Had one issue at the end of the weekend, overtaking someone before a turn, and even tho the agreement is to let quicker cars pass he did'nt and ended up on my inside in the turn. Made me go a bit wide and front wheel outside of the track just before the apex.
So my front wheel hit the start of the apex from outside of the track, giving it a huge impact, ended up with my top mount cracking.
New part ordered from KW.

In the end of the day we did some video shoots out on the track. Video will be out soon.


Also managed to do some checking with lambda to see how the map for the engine is working.
Peaks down at 11-12 AFR on full throttle, but only 13-14 in third gear oddly enough. On slow throttle it's around the 14,7 mark.
See if i'll bother to get a new remap on this engine or just go for the K04 upgraded one right away.
Car needs a bit more power out on the track.