My A3 2.0TDI Sportback S-Line


Q3 S-Line
Hi All.

Been a member on this forum for around 6 months now, but only got my A3 2.0TDI Sportback S-Line 2 weeks ago, just thought I'd share a pic.

No mods as yet, other then a new Alpine Head Unit, Alpine - CD Headunits - CDE-126BT which I'm loving, far better then the concert unit it had.

Not wanting to mod to much, although think it needs lowering a little and I like the idea of the black front grill+cupra splitter and rear bumper defuser.



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Looks a nice car mate. Welcome to the forum!

09 rear lights would be a good mod. I have posted some pics in a seperate thread of my car with them on if you wish to have a look...


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Nice looking SB, I do like silver A3's look great with the optics/black grill. Agree on lowering it and with audicruiser rec of 09 rear lights. What rear diffuser are you after mate? The new S line one?