My 8L S Line Sill Protectors


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Nov 15, 2010
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Just thought I would upload a few photos of my sill covers which have just been finished and fitted, they are made in brushed aluminium with a printed s line logo onto the metal and then matt lacquer over the top.

I designed them to look as similar to the genuine s line covers used on the new Audi stuff as possible, unfortunately there isn't any available for the 8,L let me know what you think




They were made my good friend who works for a sign writing company, she said if anyone else wanted a set she was more than willing to produce more, so if you fancy some just PM me and I will send on her details.
Look pretty good, i bet some of the A3 boys would be intrested in some, they come as standard on the S3.
Never realised the S3's had them if anyone has a photo Id like to see what the genuine ones look like.
They look awesome!! But branding a 8l an s3? "/ that would be my hold back to buyin some
Im not saying its an S3 just giving it some S line mods, take the 8P you get sline 8p's without them been S3 8P's
Bit off topic but does anyone know if the prefaclift S3 have them with the old stlye S3 badge

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