My 8L GT2871R S3 Build


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Hi to all.

New the the Audi-Sport forum from South Africa.

This is now my second Audi. After owning an 8P S3 and selling it last year, I still wanted to get myself another S3 and came across this one for sale and couldnt say no. The build has already been more or less completed by the previous owner but I will adding more to the current set-up.

Just some spec as the car stands now:

1.8T 20V AMK
GT2871R .84 housing
76mm DP and exhaust
Siemens Deka 630cc injectors @ 3 bar
Inline Bosch 190LPH Fuel Pump
Tial F38 Wastegate with screamer pipe
Honda S2000 filter
Catch Can
Powerflex dogbone
Custom Map with No-Lift-Shift
201 wkw and 334nm @ 1.2 bar boost. Done at KAR Kempton.

Stock Leather Recaro Seats
Piano Black trims
fire extinguisher in the boot

AP Coilovers
OEM Audi TT Turbines 18" 9J 5x112
New Dunlop SP 6060 225/40/18 all round
Custom 30mm adapters rear and 25mm front

Pics below:

Comments welcome


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Dope! Loving those rims on the black car, looks really sweet mate :)


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I know that car... belonged to Gizmo20VT...



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Yep tuffy, thats correct. Did belong to Gizmo :racer:

Huge thanks to him for doing such an excellent job on the car!! :)


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Tuffty assisted me greatly with understanding alot of maps on the ME 7.5 So big thanks to him for sharing his knowledge with me!!


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And so it begins!

Decided to start getting all the parts I will need to finish up the build. Currently aiming at around 350awhp!

First part collected. I got myself a set of IE Rods

Still to get in the coming weeks/months:
- Calico bearings
- Head studs (ARP/OEM?)
- Required gaskets
- Rings
- Stage 1 WMI

Any thing else you guys could suggest?


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oww great stuff im watching closely this is what im looking to do in the near future 270bhp just doesnt cut it


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As a starting piont, I had the car dyno'd yesterday at FRnR SA. Its a 2wd dyno so that Haldex was unplugged and the car run.

I was a little disappointed to see the reading at 234whp and 300nm. But then again the car does feel a lot stronger than that.

She will be going in next week for a re-map on the stock internals to see what we can get on the current set-up and get a proper tune once the internals are done.


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Small update

Dropped the car off at FRnR SA on Saturday morning for a custom tune. We not going to push it to hard at the moment due the internals still being stock.

Will let you guys know the oucome once I get her back tomorrow.

PS. I will post more pics as requested once I have her back :icon_thumright:


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So guys, I got car back from FRnR last night.

Power and torque has had a huge jump. Currently sitting at 298whp (222.6wkw) and 372nm!!! :cool:

They actually managed to get it up 322whp but decided to de-tune to be on the safe side due to the internals still being stock. Overall, she seem to be alot more refined than before and Im really happy with the way she performs now.

Just a few small issues for me to sort out and which I will get to once we begin the engine re-build.

From what I'm told, we can get much out of the car but for now he is playing it safe with the tune.

@Gizmo - Graph is actually relatively smooth, before and after. I will post the dyno graph as soon as I get to a scanner.


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Thanks Scullies

That some scary s#%t :bye:

I'm looking into as we speak. Maybe i may need to get the car detuned some more to be safe until the rods are done


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Just a few pics of the car as promised. Please excuse how dirty she was when these were taken. I will be taking more this weekend once she has had a good clean and engine bay neatened up as well.

On another note, I will be doing some maintenance work on the car over the next few days and weekend. The water pipe from the auxilliary pump to the turbo now has a whole in it as it was rubbing on the v-belt. Getting that sorted out this afternoon.

The oil pump seems to be on its way out as I keep getting a warning on the dash (can't see what it is as the LCD is dead) and the lifters have become very noisy. So all points to the oil pump/pressure.

New pump and oil pick-up have been purchased and will be replaced this weekend.

Lets hope all goes well!!!


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Should have no probs, as I replaced the pump a just before I sold her :icon_thumright:! Car still looks amazing bud! Really keen to see what she does when internals are sorted!


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Should have no probs, as I replaced the pump a just before I sold her :icon_thumright:! Car still looks amazing bud! Really keen to see what she does when internals are sorted!

Thanks bud:icon_thumright:

That just may be done sooner than I thought :) Decided I'm going to go the full route one time and do the pistons and head work as well.:racer:


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Yesterday after work, I got busy getting the Auxilliary water pipe repaired.

Removed the pipe and found the leak.

The pipe:

The leak:

You can actually see the lines as from the v-belt :(

I then took this through to a place called City Hydraulics in Randburg. They really are very helpful. They sorted the pipe out for me woth no issues and it didn't even cost me anywere near the R1700 that Audi quoted me a new pipe!

The fixed pipe:

We will be tackling the oil pump and pick-up this weekend.