My 3.0 TDI project


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So after having my first Audi, which was a black avant a4,
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It was a 2.0 s line with 20 inch rs4s, lowered on eibachs, remapped, led bulbs throughout, etc I couldn't shake the urge to have a 3.0 TDI. So with fuel prices shooting up so high I thought the only logical thing to do was to go ahead and buy a car with worse mpg lol.
Anyway, I started with this
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Plans for this one include...
Eibach pro kit
Led bulbs throughout
Machine polish and cost...possibly ceramic
Small spoiler
Remap with egr and swirl flap delete
Rear tints....for the kids
Black badges
Newer steering wheel

I've not had long with the car but made some changes already
I bought a set if genuine b7 rs4 wheels...
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Then stupidly realised they have a different centre I bought a set of le mans wheels and sold the ttrs wheels
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I cracked on with the machine polishing when I got the chance amongst work and mainly having 2 kids taking up all my free time lol. Cleaned the engine bay, door shuts, boot shuts and every window seal cause they were full of green moss.
Then I got the newer gear knob
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Then tried a set of paddle extensions
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See how I feel about them after having them on a while.

In the shed I have got a set of eibach pro kit springs, bargain on ebay at the minute if anyone is looking a set, from Germany they were 186 quid including postage and took just over a week to come.
Got a set of rear 20% tints, I wasn't going to get a set cause I liked the clean tintless look, but with a 3 year old and 6 month old, the amount of sun that hits them in the back made me rethink that lol. Also got a set of matt black badges to go on once I've properly finished polishing the boot.

So back to the wheels, I couldn't shake the urge to try and get the b7 rs4 wheels to fit cause I always thought they would look fantastic. So after some research and talking to various wheel specialists, I got a conpany not too far from me to bore out the centre of the wheels to fit over my hubs, they did a great job, and also straightened a slight buckle one of the wheels had.....bad dishonest seller lol.
So knowing the offset would be very aggressive, especially the front before it's lowered I collected them on Friday and fitted them to see what they looked like.
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Ignore the fact my drivers doors haven't been polished yet lol, my machine e polisher decided to retire before I finished it.
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Got new centre caps on the way but once they are on and it's lowered I think....hope they will sit just nice, might have to swap the tyres out for narrower ones but will see.