MY 2018 S5: My catalogue of errors.....


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4 months old, S5 sportback and still loving it.

Did have the original issue with the passenger front window not going up/down correctly, however, only happened once and the dealer reset the window and it hasn't happened again.

However....the following are issues that have appeared over the last week and I eventually left the car in today to get them all sorted:

1. Convinced the bonnet is not 100% aligned straight......appears to be slightly offset to one side....we are talking millimetres though
2. Drivers side windscreen wiper is over wiping and hitting the A pillar. Only happens on intermittent speed.
3. The Drive System Fault error message appeared.
4. At the same time it limited the revs to 3500rpm
5. The rear passenger window one touch does not work
6. An warning message appeared saying that there was a malfunction with the child locks.

Fortunately the dealer has been very good and was able to acknowledge all errors in the system,
Car is with them over the holidays now to be fixed............


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I get no.2 also, very annoying but I can't bring myself to take it to a dealer until something more important goes wrong.
I'm interested if you can post some feedback when you get your car back.
(S5 sport back, 5 months old)


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They said that the wiper assembly needs to be taken out to rectify.
They did state that it hits the rubber part of the A pillar so no damage is being done. Apparently the issue has occurred on the A1’s but was hitting metal and causing damage.


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Wiper linkage had too much slack in it so a new one has been ordered from Germany. Hopefully will be in next week.

A faulty door module has been identified as the fault for the child lock and one touch window issue.

The coolant fan was at fault that caused the engine warning/right rpm issues.
New coolant fan put in.