My 2009 A6 Avant needs a new timing belt, should I save my money and change my car instead


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Hello there.
Just want to get peoples opinion regarding my A6, coming up on having to change the timing belt on it. It's a 2009 Avant with 174000 miles on the clock, should I just save my money and change my car to maybe a 2012 A6 2.0 TDI SE Ultra 187bhp or maybe a BMW 520d F10 ED. I reckon if I keep my Avant for another year it will be worth nothing as a trade in. What would you do if you were in my shoes?



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Value of your car will drop due this essential maintenance job.

All depend on the cost of timing belt. If you think to keep the car for another year and the cost of maintenance is not worth it, go for another car.
As for the car, I don't know anything about BMW's and not really like them.
2011/12 A6 Avant seems smarter change but again, it is a beginning of the C7 platform so it may have some problems which are usually corrected on the line/year's after.

I've chosen 2010 A6 C6 Avant over the 2011 A6 C7 Avant, both in Sline with only £1000 difference, due to mentioned factor. 2010 seem'd to have all glitches sorted and gremlins shouldn't mess up much. Nothing may happen but just as a safety measure.
So far I've replaced leaking Clutch master cylinder and coolant line O ring + service maintenance and all corners for brake disks and pads. God forbid, that'll be all for the time. Well, clutch might go soon as it's showing some signs of wear at 93k.


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Unfortunately, with that mileage you probably won't get a lot for it now, so I'd probably be inclined to keep it if you are happy with it.
I've run cars to high mileage before and although they haven't caused me any major headaches as they were well maintained, it does hammer the value, particularly if you go over the notional 10-12k miles per year.


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Change the belt, I got a timing belt kit and water pump for my 2.0tdi 170cr for £150 all in at TPS I do get discount due to where I work but don't think it's that big. Then either replace yourself or get a garage to do it for the labour