MX04FVM Who has it now, my old motor. (just wondered if it's in Audi-Sport ownership)


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8P1 2.0TDI Sport 3dr in Lava with FCA Symphony and Bose.

Sent this car back to the leasing company in April 2007 with roughly 87k on it.

Just wondered if anyone on here now owns this car, it was a good car for me and my mrs (was her co car), was thinking about it this morning and thought I'd bung a thread up to see if it's still on the road and by complete chance if someone on here now owns it.

Sarah's A3

Aw! you all sentimental over it??? Think DVLA (for a fee) will send on a letter you have written to the current owner. You could try it and ask the current if they will contact you. Just a thought.
Good luck tracking it down.


Terminal Douche Bag!
Just thought if someone had it, it may be weird to send them pics when it was pristine and here, or if they bought it and the miles were clocked down to 50k or something it could be helpful to them.

I don't need to get the pocket fluff back I left down the side of the seat of the bits of christmas tree all over the boot floor.... oops