Muzza's 2013 Ibis White RS3 2.5 TFSI Quattro


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Hi all,
So thought I'd better get a thread started :)

I came from a 2010 S3 Sportback so the RS3 was the natural progression given how much I loved my S3. Reasons for changing were firstly that I wanted to switch to S-Tronic after driving one for the weekend last month and in the pursuit for bigger power I'd already thrown a good few grand at my S3 and found myself facing another £1200 for a clutch if I wanted to take it further plus probably another £1200 for better brakes and so on. Also to be fair coming from two previous 5 pot engines (Impreza WRX & Focus ST-3) I was never really blown away with the 2.0 TFSI, missed the torque and sound of a 5 cylinder.

So I scoured the net for a few weeks just browsing, spent hours on the phone to Audi dealerships but unfortunately anything "approved used" I found was either well overpriced or extremely low spec wise or often both. I kept seeing lovely examples from a place in Huddersfield called SSC (Shaks Specialist Cars) and although none of them were cheap they all seemed to have excellent spec which is more important to me than a couple of grand price difference.

So after many many emails and phone calls I decided to head down from Glasgow to have a look at his stock in Huddersfield. The Daytona one I was originally looking at was a bit untidy and I never even got as far as opening the door as I'd spied a stunning 13 plate Ibis white one in his showroom.

Anyway the rest is history, I agreed to buy the Ibis one that day trading in my S3 Sportback (for which I got an excellent P/X price I may add) and headed off back to Glasgow in my own car with the arrangement that I'll strip all my parts off my own car, Shak was to get the RS3 in to Audi for its first service and I'd return the following week to do the trade and come home with the RS3.

So the longest week of my life passed and last Saturday there I went back down for the new car.

It's immaculate, one of the last registered in the UK (March 2013) on a 13 plate, 8000 miles and 5 year extended Audi Warranty (3 & 1/2 years remaining)

Spec is as follows:
  • Ibis White with aluminium styling pack
  • Aluminium silver factory finish 19" rotors
  • Fine Nappa leather Recaro buckets seats
  • Alcantara steering wheel, shifter and handbrake
  • Aluminium Race design inlays
  • Interior light package
  • Privacy glass to rear windows
  • Through load facility
  • Cruise control
  • Bluetooth mobile phone prep
  • Bose 8 speaker sound system with Subwoofer & AMI
  • Folding/Heated mirrors
  • High beam assist
  • Auto headlights, rain sensitive wipers and auto dimming rear view mirror
  • Adaptive AFL cornering xenon headlights
  • Home link door/gate opener

Like I say, extremely well specced, in nigh on immaculate condition with very low mileage and a very long warranty. Got it for a very good price in my eyes too so very happy.

Anyway, on to some pics.




Just the one from the trip home I'm afraid as was trying to make up time.



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So 3 days into ownership and over 4 years since I'd kerbed an alloy last I managed to scrape a rear rotor coming out of a jetwash bay! Gutted but took the opportunity to try on my BBS CK 19's on MPSS I had removed from my S3 while that wheel is away getting refinished.

I have to say I'm actually really liking the BBS wheels on it now.





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So on to my first impressions of the car.....

It's such a pleasurable drive, the gearbox is a revelation and the note of the engine is just music to my ears!
It feels like I'm in a completely different car to my S3 Sportback, more than I'd ever thought possible, so much more planted, comfortable and enjoyable in every aspect and I'd done a lot to my S3 handling wise so didn't expect that to be honest.

I'm not at all impressed with the standard continental tyres which was another reason for fitting the BBS as I wanted to see how the MPSS compared, needless to say regardless of what wheels I keep on the car the Conti's will be going nowhere near it again.

What I'm most shocked about is how economical the RS3 can be on a motorway run compared to my S3!!
I averaged 36.7mpg over 210 miles back from Huddersfield and that was sitting at 60-70 in flowing traffic with a few foot down bits too (best I've ever returned on the S3 was 32mpg on a motorway run and that was seriously eco driving), this last couple of days I've been able to average 29mpg with 200 miles of very mixed town, motorway and hooning it about a bit which I'm very impressed with.

If I can keep an average of above 26mpg mixed and get over 33mpg on a long motorway run I'll be absolutely delighted with that.

Only things planned at the moment is Milltek 2nd cat deletes going on tomorrow and then just enjoy it for what it is, a ****** amazing and very capable car!

P.S I should add that I got slated quite fiercely for not buying "approved used" from Audi on here and another forum, I have to mention that the service I got from SSC was really excellent and I challenge any one of those that tried to convince me I was an idiot for buying where I did to come and have a look at the car and pick fault if you can.... :)


Hi Muzza80,

Glad the car is ticking the boxes for you

I only posted what i posted based upon MY own experience upon visiting SSC, i didn't go into to much detail but at that time for me it didn't feel right.

You did post that they tried to change the terms of the deal though i seem to remember and you were quite angry with that at the time.

You have to understand that if you post on a forum such as this or any other, you will get other peoples opinions, you might not agree with them ok we can't all be right, but they are just that, Opinions.

I'm sure the car is spot on, but you have to remember, you could have easily ended up with one that had been modified/abused/warranty voided and obviously buying direct from an Audi franchise would/should give some 'extra' piece of mind (in an ideal world).

Enjoy the car Muzza80 it doesn't disappoint and the best bit you have 3 1/2 years of trouble free motoring.


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nice car, BBS CK look better than the rotors imo. I always have a look at his site on PH as he's always got a few audi's in, another guy on here bought a red sportback from him, when is it in to Gordon?


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Looks amazing, hoping to do the same as you moving from an S3 to the RS in a year or so, love the BBS although think they would suit anthracite or a darker colour.


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That is a great looking car in an excellent spec so well worth the patience of sticking with waiting to find the right car.
I also think the BBS CKs look perfect on the car :cool:


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Cheers for the comments.

Just a few pics from a little one to one track tuition session I did the other weekend at Knockhill.

The RS3 is outstanding on a wet track, the MPSS I've fitted are perfect for these conditions too, crazy amounts of traction.






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Some of us did suggest to you that the RS3 is one amazingly good piece of road (and track) going machinery; looks good too, enjoy...

Muzza 2.JPG



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Very nice!! Interesting you say it is much more planted than the S3 you had.


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Beautiful car.

The A3 I purchased and didn't have long was also from Shaks. Lovely guy and amazing customer service!


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So a little update.
I've fitted winter tyres to the BBS CK and have been looking for some lighter summer and track wheels as the BBS are pretty damn heavy at 27lb plus nice to have a complete set to swap over for winter. I was adamant I wanted them in the standard RS3 spec of ET50 19x8J so I can run 235 MPSS all round with no rubbing, even my ET44 BBS rub at the rear ever so slightly with a 225 MPSS.

So eventually decided on Advan RSII in Racing Hyper Black, 5x112, 8JX19 ET50 and the correct bore, (no spigot rings) imported direct from Japan through an excellent company called PerfectRun.

Well I'm extremely impressed, I paid for them 6 days ago at 9am, Yokohama took until Friday morning to get them to the dealer in Japan, they were picked up at 4:26pm on Friday afternoon from the dealer by DHL, went to from there to Tokyo, Frankfurt, Leipzig, East Midlands, through customs, Edinburgh then delivered in Glasgow at 11am today (Monday!) Cannot argue with that, anyone thinking about buying parts from Japan then are highly recommended!

Here's the same wheels on a lowered A4 which was one of the pics that sold me!


Anyway, a few pictures:






And they weigh in at pretty remarkable 17.85lb per wheel, that's 9.15lb less rotating mass per corner over the BBS!


Should have tyres on and test fitted over the next week or so :)


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Wow that is seriously excellent delivery!! I ordered on amazon last Sunday and still haven't received my parcel..

Lovely wheels and yet another seriously nice car!!


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Have seen this car in Glasgow city centre, looks good. Will look awesome with new wheels!


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Cheers for the comments :)

So as promised here's a couple of quick pics of the new wheels on.

The car's lowered now too on Lowtec front springs from Germany, I was happy with the ride height at the back and just wanted the front arch gap sorted as we all know it rides higher at the front. I had the same issue on my S3 Sportback which was resolved with Eibach front springs but unfortunately they didn't list them for the RS3. A quick scour on put me on to Lowtec front springs, 25mm drop but they closely match the OE sprint rate to the rears which is exactly what I wanted.

Anyway, very different to my BBS and took a couple of days to get used to them but now really pleased with them tbh, unique, rare, very functional, very pleased




I'd read but never would have believed how much more nimble the car could feel losing nearly 10lb rotating mass from each corner, it's quite astonishing, especially in braking, stops from speed significantly quicker and with far less drama than before.

At the same time I fitted my 034 Motorsports rear ARB too so the whole car feels marginally firmer with next to no roll anymore which is great, the one thing I didn't like about the OEM setup, far too wallowy when really pushing is over undulating and winding b-road type stuff.


Got it in this afternoon for a full Hunter 4 wheel alignment too which is a no brainer after any suspension work and actually I tend to have it done annually regardless on all my previous cars, was quite a bit out tbh, nicely dialled in now though

Also a few pics of me at Crail on Sunday at the 1/4 mile event:






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Muzza did you used to be on corsa c?

I ask as when I used to have a zlet there was a muzza80 on there also doin a big spec zlet but then think he got bored and sold it all

terminator x

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Saw a white one at local Waitrose recently and could have quite easily walked straight past! Only stands out to us "trainspotters" which is a good thing imho. Looks great btw!



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Finally bit the bullet and decided to take advantage of a free APR remap I won, would have been rude not to to be honest!

Car made 348bhp and 360ft/lb on standard software just with a panel filter and milltek 2nd cat bypass pipes...



Had some issues, new plugs, first attempt of uploading the latest stage 1 map have bad results, timing pulling etc (as you can see on the graph below, that's not stock vs best but first upload of the map vs second) but the boys at Ecotune stuck in and put the time into it and we got there in the end, very impressed with Ecotune, they're ****** professionals and really go over and above, I recon they put 8 hours dyno time in on the car in total with different map versions, data logging, flashing back to standard, also the ECU on the RS3 need to come out on to the bench for mapping so each time theres a switch takes another 40 mins or so, dedicated bunch who I have the upmost confidence in!

Anyway, results of the final, and successful flash of the V2.1 98 octane stage 1 APR Motorsports LLC map for the RS3

410bhp and 508 ft/lb!! They've unleashed the beast with this! :eek: I swear the torque is insane, it's literally like a different car, from a STAGE 1 remap, impressive!




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How come your selling the advan RSII so soon ?

Well spotted haha
Was a gamble mate and tbh, I'm just not sure I'm getting on with them, the colour mainly, not sure I'm 100% and cannot bring myself to refurb a 6 week old set of Advan wheels lol






Just can't help thinking the car looks better like this:


Doh! The BBS just look great for every day running around tbh.....

Anyway, if someone wants to pay what they cost me to import then great, no rush, they're for sale for that price and if not then I'll just keep them, always nice to have two sets of wheels I guess and these are a fantastically light set for the track, they're a proper motorsport racing wheel after all.

Not the first time I've had a change of heart on an expensive purchase, probably not be the last either lol ;)

Dave Hedgehog

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i would paint the yoko's myself, but thats mostly because i hate the BBS but that maybe a regional thing, but down here they are the wheel of choice of every barry, chav, mongtard that drives a car

although if i am being honest i would put the rotor's back as i think they are one of the best rim designs ever :p


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Love your car Murray, the bbs look great on it. I loved your S3 as well but I've not seen you post on here in a while.

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Vorsprung durch Technik


I got more for the Advans than i paid for them so not a money losing exercise at least.

They defo suit the car better I think, ah well was worth a shot!

These suit your car so well :salute:


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I seem to remember Muzza selling his Ibis white RS3 mid 2016, a cracking Audi RS3.


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Is that him not on the forum now then. I was going to ask his advice when I get round to fitting the rs3 diffuser as well ☹️

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Is that him not on the forum now then. I was going to ask his advice when I get round to fitting the rs3 diffuser as well ☹️

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Check Muzza's 'last seen' and 'last post' and PM him to be sure as if he's still around he's sure to be of assistance


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I'm still here but yes sold the RS back in 2015, only had it for a year actually.

Wedding and house move forced the sale sadly, currently driving a DSG MK2 Octavia VRS CR170 which is a good daily but I'm constantly finding myself looking at 8P RS3's online, best car I've ever had and I'll liklely get another in the not too distant once I finish up some home and garden projects we're currently ploughing money into.


P.S, sorry just seen your PM, I'll reply shortly!


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Good to see you're still around murray, your s3 was what first got me interested in the sportback in the first place and I loved your RS3 obviously good to know I can ask your advice if I fit the RS3 rear diffuser

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I'm still here but yes sold the RS back in 2015, only had it for a year actually.

Wedding and house move forced the sale sadly, currently driving a DSG MK2 Octavia VRS CR170 which is a good daily but I'm constantly finding myself looking at 8P RS3's online, best car I've ever had and I'll liklely get another in the not too distant once I finish up some home and garden projects we're currently ploughing money into.


P.S, sorry just seen your PM, I'll reply shortly!

A GREAT ambition to have Muzza; enjoy what you have, do what you gotta do, and good luck with getting back to the car you want.