Must have options and a few Qs


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Hey all - the S5 has sparked a great interest for my next car. I've been looking at the configuration and my oh my does the price rocket haha.

I just want to gauge what you feel are the must have options on the vehicle (in your opinion, don't worry about me!)?

Lastly, is the engine in S5 due for a lifecycle change and when are you expecting a lifecycle upgrade?


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IMO the must haves are:

Virtual Cockpit
Carbon Fibre Trim (the brushed marks/dents REALLY easy)
Rear Tints
Red Brake Calipers (looks more aggressive/sporty)
Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

If you can afford more:

Matrix Lights
Adaptive Cruise Control

The B&O system is not worth the extra cost IMO as the standard one is perfectly good enough.

I do not know of any changes pending for the engine.


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I have the s-line and went for the flat bottomed steering wheel as it gives you more leg space, rear tints, electric folding mirrors, hold assist which when I knew how it works is well worth £70! and extended interior led lights.

Basically hold assist means when you stop at lights, junctions etc you don't have to keep your foot on the brake or put the car into neutral, you just press the brake fully down, a light comes up on the dash to say that it's on and you can take your foot off the brake and the car sits there until you push the go pedal :)


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I've had my S5 for 2 weeks now (well 2 weeks tomorrow) so I'm gradually getting used to the option I added:

Flat Bottomed Wheel - a good cheap improvement (although not heated which is a shame)

Red Brake Callipers - relatively cheap and really adds to the sporty look (against my mythos black paint)

Carbon Atlas Trim - very expensive for what it is, but really adds to the cabin quality and much better IMHO than the brushed aluminium (as the various controls along the strip blend in much better)

Light and Vision Pack - Matrix headlights and scrolling front indicators are great and the virtual cockpit is 100% a must get and comes as part of the pack. Extended interior lights (different colours) is nice for the first few minutes - then you settle on a preferred colour and may not use it again)

Sound and Comfort - Band and Olufsen is fantastic, Advanced key really handy as the keys stay in my pocket now, rear camera is useful for parking too as is hill hold assist (although think that now comes as standard)

Magma Red Seats - free and really really love them - although was unsure I'd made the right decision before delivery

Adaptive Suspension - had this on my 4 series BMW and like the fact you can alter the ride instantly

Panoramic Roof - really like this too, although £1250 is very steep

Tinted Rear windows - think it looks much 'meaner' with these!

Folding Mirrors - why is this not standard on a £50k car?

Didn't get but would if I had the money......

HUD - had this on my 435D M Sport but with the Virtual Cockpit can definitely live without it
Storage Pack - wish I had this as there are no hooks in the boot for shopping / curries etc
Tech Pack - if only for the front sensors - which look like fog lights and IMHO make the front look better.

TBH there's nothing I regret adding and nothing that I think I missed off that I'll really miss - and I love the car!!!


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And although not an option - the massage seats are lovely! Initially thought I’d never use them and found it very strange / off-putting. Now, they’re the first thing I put on (apart from my seatbelt) as I find the ‘wave’ setting very relaxing and fits in perfectly with my breathing. Relaxes me both on the way to, and way back from work!

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I used CarWow and AutoEBid and managed to get my local dealer to match the best price - got 16% off including the £2500 deposit from Audi Finance. If you go on the Audi website you can find out the current deposit Contributions, apr and gfv by running a finance quote. Then work out the best price you can get it for and use pcpcal to work out monthlies etc - that’s what I did and was only 27p out!

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I did 6k of options without trying too hard on my S5, the fact you have to pay extra for a lockable glovebox is a complete pi$$ take on a car like this.

I'd like to have added the Sport Diff but had to draw the line somewhere

Options I went for were:

Privacy glass
Red brake Calipers (again should be standard on the S model)
Flat Bottom Steering wheel
Panoramic Sunroof
Comfort and Sound Pack
Light and Vision Pack
Folding and Dimming Mirrors
Carbon Atlas Inlays
Adaptive Suspension