Music and Writer's Copyright Association?


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Sep 4, 2003
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Does anyone know anything about these guys or association as they call it?

Basically, I had a call from them not too long ago insisting I need to pay for a secondary licence to have a TV in my shop. I flately refused stating that I already pay for a TV Licence, why should I pay for another licence? The Woman on the other end of the phone kept mentioning the word 'music' to which I replied I'm not playing 'music' on my premises as such, but I do have a television... now she's coming up with all this crap about music used in the adverts between shows which have copyrights' which requires a secondary licence. I followed this up with 'send me the information by post and I will look into it', she said no problem, she will send me the info along with an invoice... 'I don't want an invoice for anything' I says 'and I'm not agreeing to any form of licence or payment'...

This continued for like 3-4 minutes, to which I ended the conversation with 'send someone over to check my premises if you like, I'm not paying a thing...'

So, is this something I should pay along with a whole of other silly licences which is costing me an arm and a leg in the fast food trade with which I'm in, or does it sound like some sort of scam?

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Feb 3, 2007
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Thats the Performing rights society we got collared a few months back and it cost us £105 for a licence!! :banghead:
To be honest I'm not sure what they will do to you because we had a radio in the factory for the guys to listen to, not a tv.
If you are allowing the public to listen to or watch it then I think you may have to pay.
I heard a while back that 2 police stations got fined for having radios on in their stations by the same people!!! :busted_cop:
They have been a society since 1912 looking after the poor performers that can't earn a living from what they do!
personally if they are that bad then I think it's highly unlikely I am listening to them but there you go

I would wait and see, we got a letter after a while saying if we didn't pay they would take us to court, but if it's a scam it wont get to that.