Multitronic gearbox losing gears


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hi every one :hi:

my mate has brought a 2004 audi a4 1.9 tdi with a 6speed multitronic


and he seems to be losing gears totaly while driving :wtf:

checked the car with vag com and no faults cumming up :keule:

been doing some research on it either its a ecu problem or complete

gearbox screwed up :wtf:

anyone shed some light on this head **** car please. :scared2:

thanks :arco:
has that had the clutch swapped over from 6-plate to 7-plate system?

it's a known issue with the Multitronics that they can't handle the torque of the TDI's (they'll even struggle with an un-mapped 1.9TDI) and they had to recall all the 2.5TDI's!


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im not 100% sure but from what i can recall is that causes vibrations as such if you

have clucth problems as such!!!

it will drive faultless and then loss the gears.

and at times i noticed the light on the gear selector for your foot brake does not

work and then it does work


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Yes, and shouted very loudly too.