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MRC stage 1 and IE carbon intake

Roxman87 Jun 10, 2019

  1. Roxman87

    Roxman87 Registered User

    Looking at getting a stage1 soon and a cold air intake to go with it and after a convo with DH motors in Falkirk it feel MRC is a no brainer, I was quoted £1150 for a stage one with a TCU tune and health check, Dave I think his name is was up front about everything like how they don’t push the engine like other manufacturers and also mentioned the warranty situation, and the fact they win Audi’s tuner awards speak volumes! As for the intake he has the IE carbon intake and it’s been proven against all others to be the best for air flow and power gains,also costing around £1100! Best get saving lol
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  3. Leo-RS

    Leo-RS Registered User

    No point doing anything on this engine without a FMIC first. Priority should be 1) FMIC, 2) DP, 3) Intake and elbow.

    Stage 1 shouldn't need a TCU tune. APR dont have a TCU tune even on their E85 Stage 2 file producing 100hp more than a Stage 1 MRC 99 map.

    You have no warranty as soon as you go Stage 1.
  4. FBF01

    FBF01 Registered User

    I’m from Edinburgh but my family are all through Falkirk way and I went APR at EcoTune through in Glasgow. If I was going MRC I’d rather make the trip down south and meat the main man down there instead. They’ve only been mapping cars in Falkirk for like a few months. Rather have the safety and security in going to a well known and well used tuner. That my thoughts anyway. Car does go very well after!
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  5. Sug

    Sug Registered User

    Stage 1 tunes are all generic regardless of your choice of tuner. Wether you get the MRC stage 1 map from Doug himself or DH tuning or CM tuning (Leeds) there will be little difference. I don’t believe going stage 2 is worth the money for the extra bhp/torque you get
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  6. Callum66

    Callum66 Registered User

    Sorry to say but this is partly misinformation. I’ve had my Stage 2 work all done by Dave. The tune was completed remotely by Mihnea with Dave running the car and logging. A Stage 1 tune could well just be a generic map but it will be completely down to MRC and, as such, it will make no difference where it’s uploaded. I’m really looking forward to Dave getting his RR installed to take mine further, in combination with MRC, without the need for a long trip to Banbury.
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  7. Ross_T_Boss

    Ross_T_Boss Registered User

    My experience seconds this.

    FMIC drops intake temps nicely even at stage 1. The IE intake is a lovely piece of kit but it won't net you anything unless the map takes advantage of it. I ran some before/after 100-200kmh runs, best of each was 0.04s after fitting it. The car did feel more responsive with it though, it required about 12% less WG duty to make peak boost.

    I didn't see anything extra with the turbo elbow added on top at stage 1, but am told that it's impact is more prevalent at stage 2 boost levels. I'm keeping it but not removing it to re-test :) I am expecting the combination of the intake, downpipe and increased boost for stage 2 will yield about 50hp more on 99RON.
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