Mr Muscle Turbo Clean 2.5TDI


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Apr 15, 2012
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Crawley, West Sussex
Not sure if this has been covered with a guide before so thought I would just do a quick one.

I had been having intermittent power/torque on my car for a long time, Car is on 172k, cams are fine, EGR cleaned, Cats hollowed out, MAF changed, no codes showing up on the car. the car seemed to have no torque below 2.5krpm then after it would sometimes boost as it should and other just feel completely gutless so I thought I would attempt to do the Mr Muscle trick with the turbo.

This is just showing what I did, anyone who does this does it at their own risk!!!!!


Tools I used were

WD40 with the attached extended pipe
Mr Muscle oven cleaner
12mm spanner
10 mm socket and rachet
large flat head screw driver

This is very easy to do as the turbo is on top of the engine!

First I removed the engine cover and unbolted the 3 10mm bolts on the turbo heat shield

Then I removed the vacuum pipe from the top of the EGR as seen in the picture above (the round flying saucer type thing on the right)

Spray WD40 onto the 3 nuts that attach the pre cat to the turbo (mine were already fairly free as I had the exhaust off last month)

I then unbolted the 3 12mm nuts the attached the Pre Cat to the turbo (the one at the bottom is a pain and is very easy to drop as I found out, so be careful if you remove it!)

Once they are unbolted I got a large flat head screwdriver and just pried the pre cat pipe from the turbo like so...(had to be careful not to damage the gasket)

I then layed a cloth under the turbo/pre cat pipe to stop any Mr Muscle going all over things you don't want it to!

Now I put the top of the WD40 can onto the Mr Muscle can (it was a perfect fit)

I then stuck the pipe which is now attached to the Mr Muscle can into the turbo and just sprayed the cleaner into the the turbo (you should be able to get the tubing quite far in to allow it to spray over the VNT mech)

I then put a bit of card over the hole to prevent it expanding out of the turbo even more

I then left it for as long as i could and moved the actuator up and down as much as I could, I did it every 15 mins or so over a 2 hour period(its the bar under the actuator, I again used a flat head screw driver to move it up and down until it started to free up)

Last bit I bolted the pre cat back to the turbo, cleaned up and put everything back on which has been removed.

Take the car for a good drive, let it warm up as normal and once your happy it is warm give to a good booting through the gears to clean all the soot out!

It has made a fairly big difference to my car, torque seems to be coming in below 2k RPM now and pulls nicely all the way to the top of the rev range.

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I did the Mr. Muscle cleaning on my friends 1.9tdi Skoda last month, the turbo was buried at the back under the engine and a proper pain to get to.
So it's good to know it will be much easier if I ever need to do mine.

I'd like to clean the EGR valve on mine, but I haven't quite figured out how to get it out yet. I'm sure it's just a matter of removing enough bits to get the required access.
Good wright up and exactly how I've done mine a few times but why did you disconnect the pipe from the erg valve, am I missing something?
Removed the pipe to get better access to the pain in the are bottom bolt on the turbo! It seemed to get in the way
Use VCDS and do some logs. Then you need to convert the logs into a graph. I then posted on here for other people to comment and evaluate my readings.

There is a guide on another diesel site on how to convert the logs into graphs.